#Girlssoccerweek action week: Girls in Brandenburg should discover soccer fun

#girlssoccerweek in Brandenburg

Girls should discover the fun of soccer

Picture: IMAGO / Alfred Harder

Fewer and fewer women and girls have been playing football at clubs in Brandenburg over the years. As part of the #girlssoccerweek campaign week, the association wants to take countermeasures from Monday to show just how cool football can be.

#girlssoccerweek should be fun, arouse curiosity and counter the crisis of women’s football in Brandenburg. The Brandenburg National Football Association and the Brandenburg Sports Youth want to attract girls and young women to the clubs. “If they say …: ‘It was funny! Where can I do it soon? ”This is a success,” says association coach Claudia Mandrysch.

Mandrysch travels in Brandenburg with #girlssoccerweek since Monday and is a guest in a different location every day. Every girl, every woman should just come and be able to have fun on the spot. “We have a 3 by 3 street soccer field, a giant dart board on which we can shoot soccer, and even a huge foosball field. Certainly, everyone will find something for themselves ”. On certain days, there is also a mobile home of the German Football Association (DFB) where girls can try out different soccer courses or pass technical tests in a fun way.

#Girlssoccerweek stations

July 4 Falkensee sports field, on Rosenstrasse 1 from 10 o’clock
July 5 Friendship Stadium in Frankfurt (Oder) from 10 o’clock
July 7 Cottbus, locomotive stadium from 10 o’clock
July 8 Brandenburg an der Havel, Stadion am Quenz from 10 o’clock
July 9 SV Babelsberg 74, Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 173 Potsdam from 10:30

Mandrysch himself played at a high level: FCR Duisburg, Essen-Schoenebeck, the DFB team. She is concerned about the current crisis in women’s football. “Unfortunately, this is the case all over Germany, but above all in Brandenburg: there have been fewer and fewer women’s football teams in the last five years. At the same time, women’s soccer is booming in many other countries. ”

Of course, one week cannot stop such a trend. More girls and women in the clubs, and more teams in general, is still the target. The action week is now all about “girls come and play a little.” Everything else is the second step, according to Mandrysch.

“Soccer makes girls strong and confident.”

The successes of the DFB national team, the growing professionalization of the Bundesliga and the growing public understanding that football is not a “men’s sport” have long led to the growth of women’s football in Germany. So why is there a crisis now? According to Mandrysch, the causes are still being investigated by the DFB. To some extent, this can certainly be explained by the crisis affecting all club sports in Germany. There would probably also be long distances in Brandenburg. “In some areas, a round-trip football game takes all day. It’s too much for many young people. ” Therefore, it is important to develop new forms of play in addition to transmitting fun. “Football is a great team sport that brings everyone together,” advertises Mandrysch. “And girls and women in particular are getting incredibly strong and confident thanks to soccer.”

Hear Mandrysch express deep gratitude and enthusiasm for football. If the latter is spread to several girls across Brandenburg during #girlssoccerweek, the association’s campaign week could be a success.

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