Herrmann: Fight violence against emergency services more consistently

Situation Report on Violence Against Police Officers 2021 – Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann: Fight violence against emergency services more consistently – Justice Minister Georg Eisenreich: Close cooperation in priority investigations.

Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann today with the Minister of Justice Georgie iron kingdom a situation report on violence against police officers in Bavaria 2021 was published. “The number of violent crimes against our police officers has decreased in 2021 for the first time since 2017.” – said the Minister of the Interior. “But we still have the disturbing potential of violence.” Herrmann therefore announced that he would fight violence against emergency services even more consistently. As chairman of the conference of interior ministers, he will put this topic on the agenda of subsequent meetings and, together with the conference of justice ministers, he will explore the possibilities of further tightening the penalties. Herrmann: “Our common goal is to best protect those who protect us every day!” We stand behind our emergency services.

According to the situation report, in 2021, a total of 7,826 cases of verbal and physical violence against police officers were registered across Bavaria (-8.9% compared to 2020). In 4379, more than half of the cases involved physical violence (-7.7%). Five attacks on police officers have been classified as attempted murder last year (2020: 6). The main crimes were insults (3,080 cases), physical attacks (2,169 cases) and resistance to police officers (1,498 cases). In twelve cases, the attacker had a live firearm with him (2020: 9).

In 2021, a total of 19,069 Bavarian police officers (-7.7%) were victims of physical and mental violence. The number of injured policemen fell by 180 to 2,629 (-6.4%). Among them, 19 were seriously injured who had to go to hospital for treatment. The complete “Bavarian Situation Report 2021 on Violence Against Police Officers” is available at www.innenministerium.bayern.de.

“Protecting our policemen has a special priority,” explained Herrmann. “Over the past few years, we have invested more than EUR 120 million in equipping the Bavarian police and thus also in protecting them.” In addition to new uniforms and ballistic protection equipment, for example, new truncheons and new SFP9 service pistols were purchased for all emergency services. In addition, the Bavarian police currently has over 1,700 body cameras in use. In addition, electrical impulse distance devices are located in all closed operating units of the state police and in all USK trains in Bavaria.

In March 2020, Herrmann and Eisenreich agreed to implement the action plan “Violence against emergency services – pursue perpetrators, protect helpers” throughout Bavaria. Particularly serious or high-profile crimes committed by police officers and other emergency services are identified faster and processed through special contacts in the police and prosecution offices. If possible, the police forward the established process to the competent prosecutor’s office already 14 days after the crime. The prosecutor’s office also deals with the case faster and brings charges or asks for a penalty as soon as possible. Thanks to this close and trust-based cooperation, there have been occasions where convictions may have been handed down the day after a crime was committed. Eisenreich: “Our action plan is working: the police and the judiciary are taking action. We stand behind our forces. Thanks to the close, trust-based cooperation between the prosecution and the police, investigations can be completed particularly quickly and efficiently. The penalty is immediate. “

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