“Mergelstetter Sommer”: Record result at the district festival in the south of Heidenheim

Did all the rain available over the weekend fall on the Heidenheim district on Thursday and Friday? At least that was your impression on Saturday. There was not a single cloud in the sky, which should please the organizers of numerous festivals throughout the district. Karl Tränkle, main organizer of Mergelstetter Sommer, who was also scheduled for Saturday, definitely did the same. “We got wet when setting up on Friday, but better that way than the other way around,” said the chairman of the local industry association “Self-employed in Mergelstetten” (SiM).

Tränkle was pleased not only with the weather, but also with the number of visitors. The area between the Silcher school, teaching pool, Zoeppritz hall, sports hall and festival hall was already well packed in the early afternoon. Young and old enjoyed the rich culinary offer and various activities of the involved clubs and institutions.

common thought

“From the very beginning, it was very important to us that we didn’t want to make money here,” said Tränkle. Instead, we focus on the purpose of a great festival for all. However, this is only possible after consultation with the organizational team and sponsors on this issue. “This idea has to be a reality and it will be,” says Tränkle.

Many proud parents with their smartphones out could be seen at the official opening, initially during the performances of school and preschool children from the world of children and the Silcher school. Each of them prepared a song which was performed after a long wave to the parents standing in front of the stage.

Mayor Michael Salomo also came to Mergelstetten, entirely voluntarily, as he himself stated at the request of the student Silcher. “There are meetings where I have to be on the road with a speaker and driver, but today I’m all alone here,” says Solomon. For the mayor of the “Mergelstetter Sommer” he was another proof that a special character has always been preserved here: “The district stands together and this is what makes the districts alive”.

Explore club life

Similar thoughts could also be heard from the footballers of SV Mergelstetten. This year, they took over the sale of beverages and joined the volunteer fire department. “There was no doubt for us, that’s just what Mergelstetter is like,” said youth leader Patrick Reichenbach. So you didn’t think long and now everyone has helped. “The senior team takes over the beer bar, we produce soft drinks with the youth department,” says Reichenbach. He really wanted young players to help. “This community is part of the village and club life, I think it’s really important for young people to get to know it.”

Where at the moment Mergelstetter's shoe is pinching

While many families with children packed “Mergelstetter Sommer” during the day, the younger Mergelstetter was also worth the money in the evening when the cover band “Unskilled” performed. Ultimately, Karl Tränkle was able to draw a “gigantic” balance sheet: “There were so many people there that we did not expect it.” Over 3,500 people were there during the day, Tränkle and his team estimate. This is an unusual number, especially considering the numerous other events in the district. “We should have reached the black zero we were aiming for. I would also like to thank the numerous volunteers who helped us with assembly and disassembly, ”says Tränkle.

County festival from 2016

The “Mergelstetter Sommer” derives from the school’s anniversary celebrated in 2011. For the organizer Karl Tränkle it is very important that “summer” is not a school festival, but is intended for all Mergelstetters, young and old. For this reason, the 2016 festival was held under its current name for the first time. Due to the pandemic, the crown initially had to be canceled in order for the fifth edition to take place this year.

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