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Tom Cruise at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick in May in London. Photo: Alberto Pezzali / AP / dpa

There were headlines of divorce and scandals related to his offensive Scientology mission. But Tom Cruise is unstoppable. At 60, the “Top Gun” star is at the top of Hollywood.

Los Angeles – Couldn’t have been better for Tom Cruise on his landmark anniversary. In the weeks leading up to his 60th birthday, the actor had the biggest box office success in the US of his 40-year career in Hollywood.

After its theatrical release in late May, “Top Gun: Maverick,” starring Cruise as pilot Pete Mitchell aka Maverick, grossed over $ 291 million in North America in ten days. Cruise’s earlier hits, such as “Rain Man” and “Mission: Impossible,” have never made it this far in their entirety. Next Sunday (July 3), when Cruise turns 60, the sunny Hollywood boy will also be able to celebrate his new fame.

Radiant in Cannes

He appeared in the spotlight at the Cannes Film Festival in May. French Air Force pilots flew over the festival site to mark the European premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, and Cruise was awarded the rarely awarded Palme d’Or. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 36 years since his first appearance in Top Gun as the adventurous student fighter pilot of the Maverick. In 1986, just like now, Cruise himself does most of the stunts in his movies to make it look more realistic.

“I wanted to push this art form forward,” he said at the Cannes Film Festival when asked why he was going through the hardships. “I was asking myself: how can I immerse the audience in the film, in this kind of action.” He always wanted to do things like helicopter flying or skydiving. As he said, as a four-year-old child he used a sheet as a parachute and jumped off the roof.

Cruise is seen in Hollywood as a perfectionist who skilfully controls his image. The director of “Top Gun: Maverick”, Józef Kosiński, recently confirmed in an interview with the cinema portal “Deadline” that he will be giving “110 percent” for each shooting day. “He has been doing this for 40 years, loves his job and does not slow down.” Cruise would prefer to “put in even more gas,” said Kosinski.

Privacy under lock and key

During the movie’s glorious London premiere at the end of May, Cruise walked the red carpet, radiating past British Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate. For advertising purposes for his films, the actor perfectly masters the avalanche of flashes – on the other hand, he has kept his private life a secret for years. The tabloids can only speculate on romantic “dating” – recently it was rumored that Cruise had a relationship with Brit Hayley Atwell (40, “Avengers: Endgame”) in 2020, his partner in two consecutive episodes of “Mission: Impossible”.

Ten years ago, after his divorce from actress Katie Holmes (43) years ago, Cruise virtually disappeared from the public eye. Their daughter Suri, now 16, grew up far from Hollywood with her mother in New York City.

The marriage to Holmes was Cruise’s third marriage. He was married to actress Mimi Rogers from 1987-1990. In the year of their divorce, Australian Nicole Kidman said so. They adopt two children, Isabella and Connor, who are now 29 and 27 years old. They were considered a dream couple until they suddenly broke up after ten years of marriage. The end of Holmes was also a surprise for the public.

Cruise flaunted his love for Holmes, 17 years his junior, with overzealous joys on the couch on the 2005 Oprah Winfrey TV show. After the cinema’s engagement at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the couple said “yes” in a tightly sheltered fortress near Rome in November 2006, when Suri’s daughter was already six months old.

Steadfast Scientologist

In 2012, Holmes cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for filing for divorce. The media has long speculated about Scientology disputes between the spouses. Cruise is a staunch Scientologist, Holmes was raised Catholic. He often caused a stir with his offensive mission for a controversial organization. In 2005, he criticized his colleague Brooke Shields on a TV show for temporarily taking psychotropic drugs for postpartum depression. She should take vitamins and exercise, said Cruise.

He made his film debut opposite Shields in the 1981 drama Endless Love. He then made the military stripe “The Cadets of Bunker Hill” with Sean Penn. A breakthrough in the role of the main actor came at the age of 21 with the youth film “Risky Business”. “Top Gun – They Are Not Afraid Of Death Or The Devil” made him a star in 1986.

Cruise starred opposite Paul Newman in The Color of Money and opposite Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man (1988). In a short time he performed the hits: “Born July 4”, “Days of Thunder”, “A Matter of Honor”, “The Company”, and in 1996 the first “Mission: Impossible”.

Don’t be afraid of oblique roles

In Germany, however, he was criticized when he presented Stauffenberg’s film “Operation Valkyrie” in Berlin in 2008. Controversial was the Hollywood star and self-proclaimed Scientologist playing Hitler Claus Schenk’s killer Graf von Stauffenberg. There were also mishaps on the set and quarrels over permission to shoot at the historic Bendlerblock in Berlin.

Cruise did not shy away from unconventional roles, such as the long-haired rock star in the movie musical “Rock of Ages” or the balding fat suit as the hysterical studio boss in the action comedy “Tropic Thunder.” He has been nominated three times for Hollywood’s top award, for Born on July 4, Jerry Maguire and Magnolia, but has yet to win an Oscar.

Following the murderous thriller “Jack Reacher” and the sci-fi excursions from “Oblivion” and “Edge of Tomorrow,” fans can now expect Cruise to reprise his role as secret agent Ethan Hunt. At the end of April, at the CinemaCon Film Show, Cruise unveiled South African filming scenes dotted with daring stunts on a video newscast. Mission: Impossible 7 – Dead Reckoning Part 1 by director Christopher McQuarrie is slated to hit theaters in July 2023.

But Cruise wants to go higher: the Hollywood star and the US space agency Nasa plan to shoot aboard the ISS International Space Station. The plans were announced in May 2020, the title is still kept secret.

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