New showroom in Rostock for Green Walls: A lot is going on with Moos

Rostock. I think I am standing in the woods, you might think when light green moss decorates walls, ceilings and pillars or hangs from the ceiling in the form of balls. But real, eye-catching plants are not only eye-catching, they also have a function.

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A preserved natural product with positive properties

“The moss regulates the humidity and serves as an acoustic inhibitor, absorbing up to 60 percent of the noise. It can also absorb odors, ”explains Antje Gude (38), regional director of the Saxon company Moosmanufaktur Germany, which recently opened a showroom in Rostock.

Moss comes in almost all shapes and colors

Here you can feel, admire and smell the moss on site. Whether it’s a small light green moss, reminiscent of round bags on Black Forest hats, or dark green areas of moss with natural ridges that make the moss growth come to life. There is more going on with Moss than meets the eye.

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“We can also sew a unicorn”

Real moss, resistant to the complex preparation process, is available as a green wall covering or as an individual art object. Everything that emerges from the moss becomes unique. Because no moss is the same. “Or we can put moss on a unicorn,” says Antje Gude of the versatility of the plant, which is actually a lichen.

This is also what moss can look like – a flamingo made of moss.

The moss is harvested by hand

Mosses come from the forests of northern and southern Europe, are harvested by hand and processed only with natural materials. “The moss can be dyed any color you can imagine. We use cosmetic dyes that are lightfast and more durable than food dyes. ” Additionally, moss installations are antistatic, i.e. there are no additional dust collectors.

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Green installations without maintenance

Moosmanufaktur has 20 years of experience in floristry, managing directors Andreas and Uwe Bergmann. The walls and ceilings of the world have been covered with moss for five years. “We are also active in Dubai, there is not much green there,” says Antje Gude. “The advantage over planted walls is that the moss is easy to care for and nobody has to worry about it, but it still retains its natural properties.”

Nature enters buildings

“Thanks to moss, we bring nature inside, especially in times when sustainability is a big problem and green walls play an important role,” says Antje Gude. In Rostock, too, companies have already opted for green moss walls, including Schuhhaus Höppner and Arcona Hotels and Resorts on Rügen. “The most remarkable thing we’ve equipped with a moss so far is a fire station and a private underground car park,” says a moss expert.

Versatile mech

The 400-million-year-old moss is considered the oldest terrestrial plant in the world. As a rootless spore plant, it absorbs all life-sustaining substances from the air. As a surviving moss, it can withstand even the most extreme periods of drought and cold phases. About 20,000 different types of moss have individual abilities to survive in the most inhospitable places and deal with mostly barren conditions. Some 1,121 native mosses grow in Germany, 335 of which are threatened with extinction and protected. In Germany, moss can only be harvested in small amounts, not at all in protected areas.

Climate-regulating and sound-absorbing

You can also create real works of art from moss, such as a pink flamingo or a blue hummingbird. Due to the climate-regulating properties of moss, it can also be hung in the kitchen or bathroom and provide a green focal point. “Especially in offices and restaurants, moss is perfect because of its sound absorption.”

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Grass, plants and flowers join the moss

In addition to moss, various plants, grasses and flowers can play a supporting role and transform moss decorations into a real jungle. Even the entire wall elements made of preserved hydrangea flowers bring summer, even winter, into the rooms. In principle, there are no restrictions on planting moss. “We can add moss to almost anything the customer desires.” From lampshades to shelves or cabinets, there is no limit to your imagination.

If you want to get inspired, you should make an appointment at the Rostock showroom, which is located at Lübecker Straße 32.

Author: Anja von Semenow

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