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Polls, where about 65 percent categorically reject gendering, still and continues to show that exact gender has still not reached today’s population. “No more sex madness” is now also demanded by the first party in the state’s parliament, the MFG. Their number 1 Joachim Aigner says, “We no longer participate in over-sexing in word and writing, we care.” Instead, it calls for real measures and rights that will eventually enable women to achieve long-awaited (financial) equality in society.

“Upper Austrians”, “experts”, “policemen”, “harvesters” … the list of current forms of addressing the “gender fair” could go on and on. It has even gone so far that speeches or texts are difficult to record or meaningfully read. ooh Already in 2003, the state parliament undertook to introduce the so-called “Gender mainstreaming”, but this has not improved the situation of women: they still earn almost 19% in Austria. less than men.

66 percent reject genders
That gender, almost 20 years after its official introduction by the OÖ. Current research shows that the policy has not reached the public. For example, in Germany, according to a 2021 Infratest study, as many as 65 percent reject gender. The Kronenzeitung also presented a representative survey last year – according to it, 66 percent of participants in Germany reject gender-specific language, while only 20 percent said they communicated “right”.

“Totally Raging Gender Madness”
“Greetings like” Landeshauptfrau “or” Obfrau “make sense, but we no longer agree with the sex madness that is completely out of control, says MFG state party chairman Joachim Aigner. Upper Austria will take care of the real improvement of the situation of women in Germany ”.

MFG State Party Chairman Joachim Aigner: “End Your Gender Madness!” (Photo: Alois Endl)

According to Aigner, women have played an important role in the MFG since the party was founded in 2021: top positions such as the management of the MFG club or the management of the club’s office at MFG are occupied by women, and the percentage of women among Austria’s more than 5,300 MFG members is also high around 50 percent . Dagmar Häusler is a strong woman for MFG in Upper Austria. Parliament. She says, “Appreciation and equality begin in the minds of society, not in framed sentences that are so sexual as to be illegible and that make them increasingly helpless and head-nodding.”

MFG MP Dagmar Häusler (photo: Alois Endl)

Too “male” streets in Linz
An example of how absurd the ‘Manderl-Weiberl’ discussion has become is also the 2019 withdrawal. since it contains 16 male names, but only six female names are used. Also in the provincial capital of Linz, dozens of street names, some of which are historic, are to be changed at the request of the Greens, as too few of them can be attributed to female personalities.

“Alibi with huge costs”
Joachim Aigner: “Apart from a lot of money and huge costs for officially certified changes to thousands of ID cards, policies, registration forms, certificates and contracts, such alibi actions do not make sense. We will do our best to stop this madness. ”

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