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Rebecca Reusch has been missing for over three years. This is one of the most secretive criminal cases in Germany. This is the state of the investigation.

Most cases are simply called “Rebecca”, officially “Rebecca Reusch’s missing case”. To this day, it is one of the most secretive criminal cases in Germany. For more than three years, there has been no trace of a teenager who was last seen alive at the age of 15 on February 18, 2019. The case was constantly raised and has not been resolved to this day. Review of the status of the investigation.

Chronology: the case of the disappearance of Rebecca Reusch

On February 17, 2019, Rebecca Reusch spent evening and night with her older sister Jessica, who lived in Berlin-Britz. She wanted to go straight from there to school the next morning, but didn’t make it to school the next day. Apparently she was sleeping on the couch in the living room and logged into her sister’s WiFi for the last time at 7:46 the next morning. Jessica had already left the house around 7 am with her daughter and stated that she had not checked in with Rebecca again.

The role of Jessica’s husband Florian was exciting from the start. He didn’t come home until early in the morning because he was at a party. Rebecca’s mother, Brigitte Reusch, called Florian after she missed Rebecca at 7:15 and 8:25. Florian pushed Brigitte Reusch away, but later called back and informed her that Rebecca was no longer home. At 8:42, Brigitte sent her daughter another WhatsApp message that was delivered but no longer read. In the afternoon, Rebecca’s parents reported their daughter missing. Until today without success. Her personal belongings also disappeared along with Rebecca. Including mobile phone, purse, school backpack, bag and pink Polaroid camera. The purple blanket was also missing from Jessica and Florian’s house.

Suspects in the Rebecca case

From the beginning, Florian, Rebecca’s brother-in-law, was at the center of the investigation. This is due to the constellations because he was the only one who was home with Rebecca that morning. Fragments of his brother-in-law’s testimony, which contradict the results of the investigation, are also suspicious. For example, he stated that he slept in the morning. this Police but found out he was on the Internet.

The investigation also revealed that Florian was driving the motorway towards Poland in the morning of February 18 and in the evening of February 19. He did not provide any information about the reason for his departures. “The whole number is related to another thing that I can’t tell you,” Rebecca’s father Bernd Reusch said in an interview. RTLwhich makes things even more mysterious. It is speculated that Florian was involved in drug dealings in Poland. But there is no evidence of this.

In February and March 2019, Florian was arrested twice by the police. However, due to lack of evidence, they were released shortly thereafter. There have been multiple signals that on February 18, Florian and Jessica’s car was seen near the woods, and a suspect man had also been spotted there. But the police found no evidence against Florian.

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In addition to Rebecca’s brother-in-law, the girl’s Internet acquaintance is also suspected. It’s about a boy who was Rebecca’s age at the time and named Max. It was assumed that Rebecca and Max had met secretly on February 18, instead of going to school. Max deleted his social media profiles after his disappearance was discovered. The police followed, but the teenager could be ruled out as a suspect.

Missing Rebecca: The Current State of the Investigation

The case of the missing person was repeatedly mentioned by the police after new circumstantial evidence. For example, there were witnesses who claim to have seen Rebecca. But the testimony came to naught. Moreover, there is no trace of Rebecca. Investigators now assume the teenager is dead. Rebecca would be 18 now and an adult. The investigation is not over yet, but in February 2022 the prosecution announced: “Unfortunately, there is no news on this matter.”

On the other hand, Rebecca’s parents still believe that their daughter will come back alive. In December 2021, the family appeared publicly for the interview RTL– Moderator Nazan Eckes. On the third anniversary of the disappearance in February 2022, a Reusch family lawyer spoke with picture. This is not just “fighting despair,” explained Khubaib Ali Mohammed. Rather, it is “a parental duty not to give up on your daughter, to continue to hope and believe that your baby will soon be alright with you again.”

The prosecutor’s office issued an opinion in 2020 for which there is no new status. “We still assume Rebecca didn’t leave her brother-in-law’s house alive. We can rule out any alternative events … following an investigation. There is no indication that there has been a voluntary departure from the home of the community, ”said the spokesman dpa. Police rule out kidnapping from home or on the way to school. However, the police did not find any traces of the crime at home or in the car. Nevertheless, Florian is still the prime suspect. “We are continuing the investigation of the man,” said prosecutor Martin Steltner in February 2022. picture. Nothing has changed in the suspicions of the young man.

However, Rebecca’s family believes their daughter’s brother-in-law is innocent. “The suspect is presumed innocent both in the eyes of the law and the parents. So far, there is no known evidence that could invalidate the presumption, said lawyer Ali Mohammed.

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