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by Andreas Friedl

July 4, 2022
5:25 pm

  • Pastor Michael Konecny ​​(right) with his counterpart, Pastor Franz Mattes (left), Deining Mayor Peter Meier (fourth from right), second Mayor Gaby Feierler-Egner (fifth from right), city councilors and former Mayor Alois Scherer ( fourth from left). Director of photography, Andreas Friedl
  • The Deining Brass Band was one of the many groups that set the anniversary celebrations musically.
  • Archivist Berta Wienziers showed the Deining change.

deiningLast Sunday Deining celebrated the 950th anniversary of its founding in unheard of weather. Not only the inhabitants of Deining but also many of the neighboring towns came to celebrate this special day.

It started with a solemn service in the church of St. Willibald, celebrated by Pastor Micheal Konecny ​​and Canon Franz Mattes. Pastor Konecny ​​already mentioned in his sermon the historical mention of the town of Deining. In 1072, the then bishop of the diocese of Eichstätt consecrated the church in Deiningen to St. Willibald.

Many visitors to the festival tents in Deining

“In the following centuries, the church was damaged many times by fires, invasions, wars, catastrophes and storms. But the people of Deining kept building it. After many alterations, renovations and renovations, in 1983 it took on its present form ”. The church choir Deininger, conducted by deacon Xaver Bösl, provided musical accompaniment in the packed church.

The benches and tables in the two tents on Schlossstraße were filled again when Deining mayor Peter Meier welcomed many visitors and remembered the history of the place. “I am pleased to welcome you here on this sunny day as today we are celebrating the birthdays of the church and city of Deining.” “For the future of Deining, on this birthday I wish that we do not abandon our ambition to further develop Deining into a place that is our home for all of us.”

The microphone was then taken over by cathedral canon Franz Mattes, who was pastor in Deining from 1990 to 1997 and is now retired. Like the previous speaker, he immediately had guests on his side with their punch lines. After two speeches by Meier and Mattes, the Deining Brass Band, conducted by Tim Tresch, provided the musical setting for the morning beer.

Many guests enjoyed lunch prepared by the Sippl family from Döllwang. This lunch break shouldn’t last long, however, as from 1 p.m. many visitors could learn more about the recent history of the place at the photo exhibition held at the Town Hall Wedding Hall and opened by the Mayor.

Deining exhibitions through the ages

The presentation was organized and organized by the archivist Berta Wienziers, supported by the city councilor Johann Schrafl. Wienziers and Schrafl organized over 100 photos on the topics of Catholic and Protestant churches, presbytery and parish priest, as well as schools and kindergartens. The photos showing Deining over time, which transformed from an agricultural town into a developing and bustling place of residence, were also extremely interesting.

Occasionally it has been noticed that some visitors were wiping tears from their eyes as they looked at the history of their home. While new guests kept arriving at the wedding hall, it was possible to re-learn the history of Deining at the adjoining parish church.

Karl Sippl and Willibald Auer also informed numerous visitors about the ecclesiastical history of the parish church and Deining. At the same time, Markus Moosburger and his friends provided the best entertainment music in the tents. Everyone who wanted a barbecue or a coffee with cake was in good hands in the rectory’s garden and in the parish hall. The parish council with numerous helpers was responsible for this.

Children performed in front of a large audience

Outstanding programming surprised the guests, including the youngest, who were always in a good mood. Children from the open all-day school, who performed a folk dance in front of a large audience, met with great applause. Meanwhile, Angela Grabmann provided musical entertainment on her Quetschna.

For children, however, the day should last. Children from the Sonnenschloß and St. Josef, supported by teachers and nannies, sang a song that brought them a lot of applause. In addition, children, small or large, could compete on small play tracks and provided the adults with one or the other little surprise.

Before the numerous guests returned home, they enjoyed the music of “Wirtshausmusi” and the many dishes and drinks on offer. Finally, Mayor Meier told our newspaper: “It has been a great day today, a worthy party and many nice guests.”

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