Elden Ring: create a character, female and male template, body type and head

this Character creation in the Elden Ring closely related to From Software’s Souls games (with more options) and allows you to personalize your character.

Choose from a variety of options, from physical build to finer facial details, hairstyle, tattoos, class selection (which determines your starting equipment and starting stats), and a keepsake. There are more than enough zippers to slide into the weirdest abyss of character design (nose bridge depth … mouth width … lip thickness …).

In this guide, we explain all the possibilities and give you many tips for creating your character, from face to physical condition to cosmetic traps.

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Character base in the Elden Ring

This is just another term for the starting class. All classes have different starting equipment and different stats.

Don’t worry too much here. Choose what roughly suits you, the attributes look completely different after the first few hours and you can find out how you feel as you level up. And yes, you can redistribute stats if you have too much skill, so don’t do it scientifically (see All Classes and Their Starting Equipment).

Body type A corresponds to a male figure, body type B woman.

set the age

A purely cosmetic option that will hardly change anything in your character, except that your skin will have more wrinkles with age.

The following settings are available:

You only feel the effects of age selection when you play at least shirtless. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what you choose here. Age signs such as wrinkles are only visible on the skin, but as long as the body is under the armor and helmet, not many can be seen.

The age of the characters is not decisive.

Important: Your character’s age does not affect their physical fitness, strength, or other stats. The young man can be the worst whimper, and the old man the worst whipping boy.

Detailed appearance

Here it comes down to the point. For a detailed look, you have dozens of sliders and subcategories to fine-tune your characters’ appearance down to the last detail. If you choose to do so, you can easily spend hours in this part of character creation.

There are whole groups of Souls and Elden Ring fans out there who like to create a character from scratch that looks as grotesque as possible.

The following options are waiting for you:


Depending on the gender selection, six different voices are available here, sorted by the selected age. The character does not speak, but sometimes moans, moans, or screams during combat. This is what it is all about.

change skin color

This is exactly what you can expect here: your skin color choice. Over a hundred nuances ensure the desired phenotype. You can also use the full range of colors by clicking “Adjust color” (triangle or Y).

Adjust facial features

This point also consists of a few sliders and templates that introduce a little structure to fit the face:

bone structure

At this point, you essentially decide how the skull shapes and what its underlying bone structure looks like. Even if not all facial features are affected, you superficially define the character’s appearance.

face shape

The slider has a value from 0 to 255. The further the slider is moved to the right, the face will appear narrower, squeezed and sunken.

apparent age

Contrary to the actual age which is set in the basic settings, the apparent age indicates how many years the character is looks like. Even a youngster can appear older than he is by sliding this switch to the right.

facial aesthetics

Should the character look more feminine or masculine, regardless of gender selection? With values ​​between 0 (rather masculine) and 255 (rather feminine), the desired contours can be extracted from the face before proceeding to the next menu.

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