Lots of sun, lots of football and lots of fun at the Youth Day in Hundheim

The 27 Hundheim Football Youth Days offered what for years – despite the high summer temperatures – good technical and exciting football from morning to evening, and a pleasant and varied accompanying program. The people in charge of the association had their hands full to meet the needs of the numerous visitors near and far. The following information is taken from the press release of FC Hundheim / Steinbach.

Penalty tournament on Friday, Bambini games festival on Saturday

This year’s Youth Day began on Friday evening with a penalty tournament for various clubs and groups. 16 teams played in two groups for a place in the semi-finals. In the final, the “VFL Vollsuff” team defeated the “Lattenbolzer” 9: 8 and achieved a victory combined with a consumption coupon.

Saturday’s game started with the Bambini Games Festival. Ten teams came together and each team could play three games. In addition, the kids had a great time completing the play street, which he founded and supervised, among others Bambini coach Florian Hirsch. At the end, each child was awarded a “gold medal”.

In the opening match, the result did not matter

At D-Juniors, five teams played “everyone against all” for the traditional Karl Steinbach Memorial Cup. The decision was only made in the penultimate game, when JSG Brehmbachtal scored a key point to win the tournament with a draw against closest rival FC Grünsfeld. Karl Steinbach’s son, Winfried Steinbach, presented the trophy and medals to the winner.

C-Juniors finished the tournament on a small pitch with six teams for the Münkel Kindergarten Cup. In a total of 15 games – including all against all – the decision was only made in the last game. With a goal just before the final whistle, JSG Nassig / Wildbach Maintal managed a 1-0 win against TSG Hoffenheim, ultimately winning the tournament with 11 points and an 8-1 goal difference ahead of JSG Reicholzheim / Hundheim-Stb./Uissigh. it meant who had a 3-0 goal difference.

Saturday ended with a cut-scene between the FC guardians and members of the youth committees against the guardians and parents of the night guests from TSG Salach (near Göppingen). After a varied game, the result was ultimately irrelevant, even though both teams finally agreed to a penalty shootout.

Service, a morning mug and about 300 children on the Youth Day F.

Especially on Sunday, many parents and grandparents took the opportunity to admire their children’s soccer skills. The day began with a service on the sports field, followed by the “Frühschoppen”, where long-standing members were honored. Then the twelve E-junior teams held a regular day district match which ultimately all became winners. On one of the three pitches a new form of the game “three against three against four goals” was played.

At noon, around 300 children played football in two blocks or in the playground on Youth Day F. There was also an opportunity to get the DFB taster badge. During the awards ceremony, girls and boys loudly cheered on the commemorative medals awarded to them and with thunderous applause thanked their coaches and superiors for volunteering in the past season.

Own referees or “fair play” games

All junior D and C games were led by our referees, some of whom were former. Andreas Bischof, as well as Dominik and Marco Müssig were probably in the lead this weekend. Juniors E and F as well as the Bambinis played “fair play” without a referee.

As always, Steffen and Christoph Dick on the tournament management board made sure the tournament ran smoothly. In the run-up to the 27th Hundheim Youth Day, Christoph Dick had mapped numerous pitches and, with a few midfielders, always ensured that the pitches would be rebuilt quickly.

Afternoon for children and afternoon for seniors at the end

The Hundheim Youth Day ended on Monday: there was a children’s afternoon for two kindergartens in Hundheim and Steinbach, as well as a small tournament with children from the Pater Alois Grimm school in Külsheim. In the evening, the youth days ended with an afternoon of seniors with the traditional “Kesselfleisch-Eating”, summarizes the press release.

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