This is how you sleep in other countries

Different countries, different looks. There are big differences in international comparison, especially when it comes to bedroom furnishings. myHOMEBOOK allows you to peek into the bedrooms of different nations.

As you travel to foreign cultures, you will quickly notice that living spaces, including bedrooms, vary greatly in terms of equipment. The fact is: each country has its own sleeping culture and, accordingly, its own bedroom design. So how do you settle in the US, Japan, or even France compared to Germany? myHOMEBOOK has checked the bedrooms of other countries for you.


Couples who have just fallen in love appreciate the charm of the French bed due to its unique sizePhoto: iStock / Rawpixel

The so-called French bed is a piece of furniture already known outside France. The double bed is characterized by a continuous mattress that does not require annoying “guest cracks”. However, the width of the French bed is only about 150 cm. This may be perfect for couples who have just fallen in love, but in the long run, there can sometimes be space issues at night.

A bed in France can also be richly framed, but above all, the headboard should be upholstered. The French like it fluffy and comfortable, so a sea of ​​different sizes and thick pillows on the bed is an absolute must. There are usually two fairly thin blankets underneath, one of which serves as a cover. Most French people think less about one fluffy blanket.

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In Mexico, great emphasis is placed on relaxing comfort in the bedroom. Here, for example, it can smell good. In addition, the bedding is changed frequently, which only makes sense from a hygienic point of view and due to the huge summer temperatures.

As usual in Mexico, the locals like cheerfully colorful, so the bedroom decor can also be brightly lit with bright colors. All textiles on the bed, but also accessories in the room, refer to the style of folklore and boho. The bedroom in particular is often decorated with a portrait of the popular Mexican artist and icon Frida Kahlo, as well as lots of colorful floral prints. What would be too wild and restless in search of German flavor is pure cosiness for Mexicans.

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For Germans, the bedroom is – compared to other countries – a very private, almost sacred place that even guests rarely see. Consequently, the bedroom door is locked in most cases. Paradoxically, in many homes, the bed is carefully prepared every day, as if guests were expected.

The appearance of German bedrooms is usually calm and classic. Neither loud colors nor an excess of pillows or blankets dominate the room. The rest of the furniture is more practical than comfortable. In addition, in this country, the bedroom is often ventilated regularly and the linen is changed frequently. For good reason: healthy sleep hygiene is very important to Germans. In an international comparison, the two mattresses that most double beds are equipped with are rather unusual. There is also a matching duvet for each person.

United States

The American bedroom differs from the European one in many ways. Americans prefer to sleep on a box spring bed, which also comes from the USA. In contrast to this country, the American bed topper is often integrated directly into an extra-high mattress.

American bedroom with a box-spring bed
Typical of an American bedroom is a box-spring bed, generously equipped with various pillowsPhoto: Getty Images

Bed sizes also differ from European dimensions. Standard sizes of American beds are Twin size (99 x 190.5 cm), queen size (152 x 203 cm), king size (193 x 203 cm) or California king (183 x 213 cm). A second sheet is pulled over a covered mattress and then fastened at the sides and end of the foot. The conclusion is one large blanket that is designed for two people and is also a bedspread. As a special finish, Americans like to richly decorate their beds with pillows of various sizes and shapes.

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The Far East bedroom is fundamentally different from the Western countries. In the traditional sense, people in Japan sleep directly on the floor, on a so-called futon. It is a thin mattress, only 10 cm high, which in turn is placed on soft mats made of rice straw and rushes. Since the sleeping mat measures 100 x 180 cm on average, it is quickly rolled up with the duvet and stored in the closet during the day. As a result, many Japanese people in their homes do not really have bedrooms, as seen in other parts of the world that they tend to perceive as a waste and willingly use that space for other purposes.

Futon in Japan
Futon beds in Japan don’t seem particularly comfortable due to their low height, but are said to ease physical discomfortPhoto: Getty Images

But there are also sections of society that are more oriented towards Western culture and now have a bed in their bedroom. While it sounds unusual for Japanese people to sleep, they swear it alleviates shoulder, back, and hip problems.

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