Aerosoft at Gamescom 2022: “This will be our biggest show so far.”

Fabian Boulegue is head of production at Aerosoft (photo: GamesWirtschaft / Aerosoft)

Most of Aerosoft’s customers are located in German-speaking countries – one of the reasons the simulation specialist also booked a booth at Gamescom 2022.

Talking about a home game would be a bit cocky, considering the nearly 200 kilometers between the company’s headquarters in Paderborn and the Cologne exhibition center. Nevertheless: as one of the largest publishers in North Rhine-Westphalia, Aerosoft will also be present at Gamescom this year, both in the business and entertainment areas.

Three years ago, Aerosoft was housed in the two-story Hall 10 – now it is moving to the more representative Hall 8, where there are other exhibitors besides THQ Nordic and Kalypso Media, some of which have yet to be announced. fits.

Aerosoft specializes in simulations – from snow cats to buses, Microsoft flight simulatorwhere one regional airport after the other is being implemented in detail. In German-speaking countries, the publisher has been working closely with external studios for years, such as the Erfurt-based development team TML (bus) or Z software (Police simulator on the highway).

Fabian Boulegue is Aerosoft’s head of production and looks ahead to what visitors to the Gamescom booth can expect from August 24th.

GamesWirtschaft: What made you decide to get involved with Gamescom early?

crutches: After two years without a physical fair, we can’t wait to meet players again. We are in Hall 8 where we are fully involved in playing stations and spectacular simulators.

We still believe that even in times of extensive gameplay, practical testing of new products is still extremely important for many players. Taking the steering wheel with your own hands is something completely different.

We also like to use Gamescom to get direct feedback from players. Our product managers and producers will not miss the opportunity to look over the shoulder of players at the entertainment booth.

And not entirely irrelevant: over the past two years, we’ve grown significantly and become more ambitious when it comes to reaching target groups outside the narrow field of flight simulation. Together with our partners, we develop many different types of simulations, and we also dare to venture into completely different kingdoms.

What dimensions will the booth be? What innovations can visitors expect?

It will be our largest exhibition event so far. Players can use three permanently installed simulators: full motion simulator for the first time, a real off-road truck Heavy Duty Challenge and a real fire truck cabin where players can simulate an escape route. In addition, we offer simulators and tycoons over 100 square meters, which players can try on PC and console in their spare time. You can even play some previously unannounced titles.

In addition to the stand in the entertainment section, we will also have our own business stand, where we will want to make an appointment with business partners, developers and the press. So far, we have been mainly at shared stands. We look forward to inviting old friends and new faces to join us.

How will Gamescom be assessed in 2022 in terms of appeals by Nintendo and Sony PlayStation console manufacturers?

Gamescom is still the most important gaming fair. As a German publisher whose main market is DACH, it is very important to us to continue supporting Gamescom and Germany as a location.

While we’ve created our own online event over the past few years – NextSim – we still see the need for gamers and simulation enthusiasts to play games on site. That’s why we decided to continue with both formats NextSim (online) and Gamescom (currently / hybrid) in parallel, to provide gamers from all over Germany with the best overview of the genre, both digitally and physically.

The loss of two platform owners is certainly a pity and disappoints many players in particular, including me personally, but it gives us as a company and many other mid-sized publishers as well as indies a bigger stage and plenty of opportunities.

We have a very good chance of acquiring new customers who also spent many hours in AAA queues, but also the opportunity to re-invent our previous Gamescom concept. I think many customers will not feel as much of a loss on the spot anymore, as they can still expect a wide range of entertainment this year, including certainly sensory overload.

So I look at the whole thing with mixed feelings and hope to meet the AAA publishers and platform owners who got lost again this year at Gamescom 2023.

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