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On the occasion of honoring the awarded projects of the Democracy Promotion Award Power for democracy On July 6, 2022 in Berlin, the opinion research institute Civey, commissioned by Philip Morris GmbH, conducted a survey among 5,000 German citizens for their opinion on the involvement of civil society in commercial companies in our democracy. Society is divided on this: a third of respondents expect companies to play an active role in our democracy (32%), and another third (36%) believe that companies should focus solely on their core business .

Many larger companies are now asking themselves what role business representatives should play in the face of major socio-political challenges of our time. The tone of public discourse has sharpened and our democratic system of values ​​is no longer a matter of course. “Especially today, in the face of increasing systemic competition, democracy needs more supporters,” he says Claudia Oeking, Managing Director and Director of External Affairs at Philip Morris GmbH. “It is clear from the survey that half of the respondents believe that the best way for companies to support democracy is through financial support and sponsored rewards,” he explains. Iris Brand, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Contributions at Philip Morris GmbH.

A possible reason for the different perceptions of the role of commercial enterprises in our society and of expectations regarding civil society involvement is that the vast majority of citizens question the motivation and seriousness of entrepreneurial involvement. 58% of respondents generally do not perceive corporate social commitment as credible. Only 16% confirm that companies make a genuine contribution to promoting democracy.

“The current distrust of entrepreneurial social commitment and the differing views on how the economy should take responsibility for our democracy is an appeal to us as an economy to be transparent and serious about promoting our own commitment in the long term,” he said. Iris brand.

Considering the possible substantive orientation of companies’ attachment to democracy, the most frequently mentioned by the respondents is strengthening the democratic foundations. In particular, the attachment to freedom, the right to vote as well as freedom of opinion and freedom of the press met with approval (91% of respondents mentioned at least one of the three aspects). In addition, the people of Germany want equal opportunities (61%) and fairness (56%) in society as a whole.

“At Philip Morris, we also see the company as a space for democratic socialization and therefore we are satisfied with the responses of the respondents to the question about promoting internal democracy. It becomes clear that the most important thing for citizens is that democracy is actively lived by the company itself and employees are closely involved in the decision-making processes, “he emphasizes Claudia Oeking.

In addition to the aspect of intense involvement (71% of respondents), a better exchange between colleagues (44%) and a flat hierarchy (47%) are an important basis for implementing a democratic and participatory corporate culture.

Finally, the study looked at the economic benefits of entrepreneurship for democracy and our pluralist society. In addition to the intrinsic and value-based motivation to engage in promoting democracy, more than half of those polled (55% versus 17% who disagree with this statement) also benefit from better social permeability and a wider recruitment of skilled workers. talent – regardless of cultural, social, sexual or religious background. Claudia Oeking on the topic: “From an economic point of view, the decisive factor is a stable, democratically active society. Our culture of discussion with its intense negotiation processes is a prerequisite for a stable economic area. This framework promotes and supports the further development and innovation of the economy and society in which we live. ”

down corporate democratic accountability and Power for democracy by Phillip Morris:

The company’s involvement covers a series of studies “As we really Life”which is to provide constructive impulses for democratic coexistence, a sponsorship award The power of artwhich honors outstanding artistic and cultural projects that work for an open and inclusive society and the all-German appeal campaign in the super-election year 2021. In addition, the company holds the Democracy Award Power for democracy established another element of its social commitment to strengthen democratic and free discourse in our society. A maximum of three organizations and initiatives promoting democratic coexistence in society are awarded with the amount of EUR 20,000 each. In 2021, the jury honored HateAid gGmbH – Counseling Center Against Digital Violence and Eyes at eV – Showing Civic Courage, which campaigns against Internet hatred and for greater tolerance and civil courage. These two outstanding projects will be presented in Berlin on July 6, 2022 at the inauguration Power for democracy– An honorable dinner.

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