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While others tire themselves out for months with driving lessons and cramming theory, some get their driver’s license within a week. How it’s working? Is a crash course driving license as important as a “normal” driving license? And why are there so many quick courses on offer, especially in summer?

A minimum of driving and theory lessons, nothing more

Driving lessons and theory lessons are designed to make sure that future drivers know both their vehicle and the rules of the road. While some people need more driving experience to be truly intuitive and comfortable behind the wheel, others are practically born with the steering wheel in hand and can survive just a few hours of driving. The number of driving lessons that make sense or are necessary will vary from person to person. Most driving schools organize 10 driving lessons in addition to the 12 statutory excursions.

Special hours: This is mandatory!

  • 5 running trips
  • 4 highway excursions
  • 3 night journeys

However, this minimum is not enough to really drive safely. In practice, it has been shown that an average of 18 additional hours of driving experience is required to pass the practical driving test. As a rule, driving schools therefore agree on 10 driving lessons in addition to the compulsory special trips when concluding the contract.

A theory is also required

14 hours of theoretical lessons of 90 minutes each are required by law. Of course, this does not cover all the topics that may arise in traffic or are asked during the theory test. The learning load is therefore quite high. Currently, educational apps are used to support theory lessons. The accelerated course consists of two or more theory lessons per day. In addition, we encourage students to independently develop and deepen the material in the application. The learning load is therefore very high in the fallback course.

For a category B (car) license, the recommended theory consists of 12 parts on basic topics and two parts specifically for category B.

Doable if conditions are right

The requirements are the same as always for a driving license in a crash course: an eye test must be completed, and without a first aid course, there is of course no rag (now a de facto card). For the Hanover crash driving license course, which lasts exactly 8 days all year round, the time needed for the first aid course and the eye test must be calculated separately.

But how exactly is this supposed to work in 8 days? In fact, up to four theoretical units can be completed per day. This can be done by anyone who already has the necessary knowledge or can learn a lot of materials quickly, intensively and sustainably, but in addition to the theory lessons, you also need to complete a practical driving lesson (also on a daily basis). Here it often remains somewhere between the minimum and the optimum. So in these 8 days there is hardly any time for anything other than a “driving license”. Therefore, the accelerated course is also called the intensive course.

In order to make learning as pleasant and easy as possible for the learner drivers at this time, some driving schools offer the so-called camps, especially in the summer. This means that, in addition to theory and hands-on activities, there is comprehensive care. From accommodation, to meals, to professional exchanges with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere in the evening, everything is taken care of.

And the cost?

So we can say: An emergency driving license is valid for an indefinite period, just like a normal course driving license. We deal with the same topics, we fulfill the obligatory hours. However, the topic does not have so much time to settle itself. What is the financial side like now?

The crash course covers the same hours as are required for normal driver training. Therefore, the costs are usually the same. At the camp, the situation is different in summer: As accommodation and possibly meals are added here, the costs are obviously higher. For young people who also work next to a school or university, this is often the cheaper version: without income for a week can be easier than struggling with months of stress and lower income due to less time working. So summer may come soon and you can buy your first used car.

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