CONCLUSION 3: Concerns about the shortage of coronary staff in clinics | News

(New: Patient Advocate on Isolation, 5th paragraph)

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Staff shortages in clinics due to the growing summer coronation wave cause concern among clinics and doctors. “We are receiving reports from all federal states that individual wards and divisions have to be deregistered due to a lack of staff,” said Gerald Ga, Director General of the German Hospital Association, Germany editorial network (Tuesday). A growing number of infections are drawing attention to voluntary protection measures already in the summer. GPs still see difficulties coping with the three-euro citizenship test.

Divi’s research director of intensive care beds, Christian Karagiannidis, told the Rheinische Post (Tuesday) that the occupancy rate was rising only moderately. “However, summer occupancy is relatively high and the number of beds available is declining due to a lack of staff.” Therefore, time should now be used to distribute the power optimally. “This includes regional networks to ensure the best possible distribution of patients by level of care. Collaboration, as well as relieving the staff, will be the order of the day this fall and winter, ”said Karagiannidis, who also sits on the Federal Government’s Board of Experts. .

Green health expert Janosch Dahmen told ARD that mouth and nose protection is often no longer worn indoors, making it “very easy” for the virus. In addition to the legal basis for fall state protection requirements, which is currently being developed, masks should be voluntarily worn indoors. Everyone around them knows sick people. It is evident that there is a shortage of staff in hospitals. Some summer vacations are at risk when airline employees are absent.

Dahmen also called for a campaign for a second summer booster. They should be used not only in people over 70 years of age, but also in people over 60 years of age and with pre-existing diseases. You should also check that all adults should not receive this fourth immunization in order to be better off in the fall with “fresh immunization protection”.

The German Patient Protection Foundation has called for an extension to ten days of the isolation period for people infected with the corona, which has recently been reduced to five days in line with official recommendations. “This can only be shortened if the PCR test is negative,” board member Eugen Brysch told the Funke media group newspaper.

The number of infections has risen sharply in recent weeks. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 687.7 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days. The day before, the seven-day incidence was 650.7. Experts estimate that the actual number is twice as high as many infected people no longer perform the PCR test and therefore are not recorded in the statistics.

The German Association of General Practitioners sees difficulties in practice even after agreement on the accounting for corona tests. President Ulrich Weigeldt said Tuesday: “Doctors’ associations with statutory health insurance are fired, doctors on the spot are fools.” The “monster of bureaucracy” remains unchanged. Internships would have to run a cash register and charge some three euros. You should check if someone is eligible. This puts even more pressure on GP practices, which are in great demand anyway.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and the National Association of Health Insurance Doctors (KBV) have agreed to bill the tests, which are no longer free for everyone. Therefore, the Physicians Associations with Statutory Health Insurance continue to accept bills from examination centers and make payments. KBV stressed that it did not have to check new qualification requirements. Lauterbach explained in this context that citizens should confirm in writing their right to a subsidized three-euro test. You are also relying on the integrity of the citizens.

Citizenship Tests are only free for certain risk groups – typically you have to pay three euros: before entering indoor concerts, before larger family celebrations or visits to the elderly, after risky contact with an alert in the Corona./sam/and/jr / shy app / DP / e.g.

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