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Evotec completes the acquisition of Rigenand

07/05/2022 / 07:30
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Hamburg, July 5, 2022:
Evotec SE (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: EVT, MDAX / TecDAX, ISIN: DE0005664809; NASDAQ: EVO) announced today that the strategic acquisition of Rigenerand Srl, signed in May 2022, has been successfully completed. Medolla, an Italian cell technology company with an innovative approach to producing cGMP cell therapies, will in the future operate under the name Evotec (Modena) Srl.

Cell therapies are a new and promising area of ​​research in biomedicine because of their potential to achieve significant disease-modifying and even curative effects with a single treatment. The sourcing of cell therapy products from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC or iPSC) enables the production of an almost unlimited amount of consistent quality material for a large number of patients. However, the scalability of the laboratory-to-clinical scale approach is essential for the transfer of cell therapy approaches to clinical development, and hence for the approval of such therapies.

Evotec cell therapy platform EVOcells integrates the full spectrum, from research through development to the production of finished iPSC-based cell therapy products. Thanks to a team of leading experts in the field of cell therapy, Evotec (Modena) thrives EVOcells – A platform for the site to produce high-quality cGMP and thus contribute to the capacity, important expertise and competence to scale-up complex cell therapies as necessary.

Dr. Werner Lanthaler, CEO of Evotec, commented: Evotec’s Cellular Accelerator gives us the opportunity to take our cell therapy business to a new level. We are convinced that this important extension of our platform will enable us to best develop our internal portfolio of innovative projects at an early stage. In addition, the expansion allows us to establish new partnerships and implement many projects in parallel with the greatest possible efficiency in clinical development and the market. This will be of great importance for many patients who currently do not have adequate treatment options.

Prof. Massimo Dominici, Scientific Director of Evotec (Modena) and Professor of Oncology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia said: We are delighted that the Rigenand acquisition has been completed and the teams are already working together. The Evotec cell accelerator concept is already coming to life and it matches what is happening in Modena: adding the expertise of the Evotec team to the already existing know-how. So I am convinced that in this space a new player has emerged who is able to meet the challenges of the next generation of cell therapy products and accelerate their development and production in the clinic.
About cell therapy and EVOcells
Cell therapy is a new and innovative therapeutic process that can achieve unprecedented therapeutic effects. Cell therapies can be used as a regenerative strategy to replace a patient’s dysfunctional cells or as adoptive immunotherapy to help the immune system fight cancer. The cells can be obtained from the patient’s tissue, from a healthy donor, or from stem cells. With the advent of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS or iPSC cells), which can be generated directly from the body’s own cells, stem cells have become an almost limitless source of high-quality material for such cell therapies. IPSC-derived drugs are considered to be one of the most promising approaches in cell therapy.

Based on many years of experience with iPSC, Evotec EVOcells developed as an integrated, comprehensive platform for research, development and production of cell therapies. The company’s goal is to develop innovative but cost-effective therapies for a large number of patients, based on human cells, to treat life-threatening diseases. Evotec current EVOcells– The project portfolio covers the areas of immuno-oncology, metabolic diseases, heart regeneration and exosome therapies. Evotec uses EVOcellsa platform for both own and partner projects and wants to develop these projects in the field of transformative therapies in existing and new disease areas.
Evotec is a science company with a unique business model for discovering, developing and delivering highly effective drugs to patients. The company’s multimodal platform includes a unique combination of innovative technologies, data and scientific approaches to research, development and production of first-in-class and best-in-class pharmaceutical products. Evotec is using this data-driven R&D highway for treatment both in its own projects and in a partner network that includes all 20 leading pharmaceutical companies and more than 800 biotechnology companies, academic institutions and other healthcare actors. Evotec is strategically active in a wide range of currently underappreciated medical indications, incl. B. neurology, oncology, and metabolic and infectious diseases. Evotec’s goal is to build a world-leading co-proprietary drug innovation pipeline in these areas and already has a portfolio of over 200 proprietary and co-proprietary R&D projects ranging from early stage research to clinical development. More than 4,200 highly qualified employees work for Evotec around the world. The company’s 15 locations offer highly synergistic technologies and services and operate as complementary clusters of excellence. For more information, visit our website
www.evotec.pl and follow us on Twitter @Evotek and LinkedIn.

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