Experts present a report – a critique of blockades and 2G and 3G

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The evaluation of the corona measurements to date is eagerly awaited. Experts will present their results on Friday.

Patch for July 1 13:05: At the expert press conference held on Friday in Berlin, experts presented their evaluation results of previous corona measurements. Current scientists have confirmed previously disclosed information. The researchers explained that their assessment results “are not a general solution.” Rather, the data should serve as the basis for further action during a pandemic.

“The demands on the committee and the report are high,” said Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff, vice-president of the evaluation committee. However, the execution of the task was “significantly impeded” by “the fact that we were only asked to evaluate it two years after the start of the activities”. The main problem was that “it has not been possible to establish sufficient, rigorous and accompanying data collection from the start of the pandemic.”

Corona measures assessment: Experts complain of ‘weak data’

“We have bad data,” complained virologist Hendrik Streeck. It is difficult to assess the individual actions separately as different packages of actions have been launched at different times. Streeck explained that blockades are only effective as long as the population accepts and participates in them. The virologist also noted that wearing the mask correctly is crucial.

Another controversial measure was the closure of schools. The president of the Berlin Center for Social Sciences (WZB), Jutta Allmendinger, called for children to be granted the right to social contact as lessons on the effects of the corona pandemic. There are certainties about the psychological effects on children. Consequently, “something like a legal right to a minimum of social contact” is necessary, Allmendinger explained. She also pointed out that school closings had a negative impact on the entire family – for example, “returning to old gender roles” and “an incredible level of mental exhaustion”.

Sociologist Jutta Allmendinger and virologist Hendrik Streeck presented the results of the Expert Committee on the evaluation of the Infection Protection Act. © Fabian Sommer / dpa

Corona measures evaluation: Experts present the report

First coverage from July 1: Berlin – It’s summer in Germany. The temperatures are high, the weather is mostly friendly, and the corona virus plays a minor role these days. Yet experts and politicians are tirelessly voicing their concerns about a new sharp corona wave in the fall. So what measures should be taken? Before a decision is made, the traffic light coalition – primarily at the request of the FDP – has agreed to wait for a scientific evaluation of previous coronation restrictions. The expert committee will present the results of its assessment on Friday (1 July) at around

The Committee of Experts includes academics from a wide variety of disciplines, half of which are from the federal government and the other half from the Bundestag. The aim of the assessment is primarily to clarify the specifications in the context of an “epidemic situation of national importance”. Such a situation, determined by the Bundestag in accordance with the Act on Protection against Infections, existed for several months until the end of November 2021 and allowed, inter alia, locks, locking of various premises and daily requirements – e.g. 2G and 3G regulations.

The sign on the restaurant refers to the 2G plus principle when entering the interior.
How effective were access restrictions? Corona experts will present their results on Friday. © Jens Kalaene / dpa

The Commission has already indicated that no “full assessment of all measures” will be carried out by the end of June. Additionally, expectations for specific recommendations for politicians were suppressed. However, in the FDP coalition, the FDP particularly insisted on evaluation as a prerequisite for further steps. Another ordinance has to be found in the fall, as the provisions on crowns in the Infection Protection Act, which were severely reduced in spring, expire on September 23 as a nationwide legal basis.

Argument between Corona experts: the Stöhr report is probably not critical enough

The expert committee on previous coronation measures should not be confused with the federal government’s expert council, which has already made several statements on the pending decisions. After virologist Christian Drosten announced his retirement in late April, there was a commotion around the committee. One of the reasons given was that, from his point of view, the equipment and composition of the committees were not sufficient to provide a high-quality assessment. Virologist Klaus Stöhr replaced Drosten at the suggestion of the Union.

Stöhr is regarded as a critic of many of the coronation measures. Recently, a virologist accused Health Minister Lauterbach of “sowing panic” over the current summer wave. As picture was reported, the dispute was to arise in the committee of experts. The assessment of previous coronation measures is therefore not critical enough for Stöhr. According to the report, he wanted to tighten the assessment, but encountered resistance from other members.

Assessment of corona measures: criticism of blockades and 2G and 3G

The expert’s speech is to be presented at the press conference on Friday at As picture they further reported that the blockades should be bad. They would have “a short-term positive effect” but “would be less accepted by the population in the long run and would lose their effect.”

In addition, the assessment should also include criticism of the 2G and 3G regulations. The “proven effect” appears to be “rather small,” according to picture are included in the expert assessment document. In addition, the political goal of getting more people to receive a corona vaccination was omitted.

Experts see the mask requirement differently. As South German newspaper reports, according to the newspaper, that it could be “an effective tool in the fight against the pandemic.” However, wearing the masks correctly is crucial. “A poorly fitted and mismatched mask has less or no effect,” the experts report reads. According to experts, it is unclear whether the corona protection of FFP2 masks is better than that of surgical masks. (ph / dpa)

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