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What is important

Trump signs sanctions bill against China. The US president wants to punish those “who are wiping out Hong Kong’s freedom.” The law may freeze their property in the United States and deny them entry. It also allows for criminal measures to be taken against foreign banks and an end to Hong Kong’s preferential treatment compared to the rest of China. Beijing announces retaliatory measures. More information

Esken: Right-wing extremism in the police force is not “an isolated, regrettable case.” Right-wing extremism in the police must be fought more consistently, says the SPD leader. This is not the first time Esken has criticized the police. Hesse is now struggling with a police scandal as data from people who received right-wing threats were searched on police computers and the chief of the state police had to leave. The leader of the Hessian leftist faction, Wissler, who was also under threat, says it is not enough. “We don’t have any racist tendencies in the police force,” says Niels Sahling, the young chairman of the GdP police union.

Ghislaine Maxwell pleads not guilty. The British accused in New York is said to have taken young women, some of them minors, to her then partner, financial manager Jeffrey Epstein, for sexual abuse. The court refused to release her on bail, writes Christian Zaschke.

The US president relativizes the deadly police violence against black people. George Floyd’s death was “terrible”, but Trump said in an interview that “more whites” were killed by US police than blacks. When asked why African Americans in the US are still being killed by police officers, Trump replies, “What a terrible question.” To information

Biden plans to spend $ 2 trillion on clean energy. By 2035, the US should therefore only generate electricity from clean energy. The Democrat presidential candidate also wants to create incentives for the auto industry to build zero-emission vehicles. To information

Suspect serial rapist caught near Potsdam. Officials arrest a 30-year-old man in a wooded area. Berlin police and prosecutors assume that the perpetrator has raped several women in Berlin and Brandenburg in recent weeks. To information

Corona news

The survey sees an opportunity for 395 million new jobs. The World Economic Forum Foundation states that business ideas that put nature first could generate over $ 10 trillion in business after a pandemic. Coronavirus and economy news

How Europe fell into crisis. The EU and its member states did not react in time to the threat of the crown. Back in February, they were sending tons of protective equipment to China. The virus has already begun to spread across the continent. Authors of SZ

More news about the coronavirus

What becomes important

Kramp-Karrenbauer visits Poland. During his four-day trip, the Minister of Defense wants to visit the countries of the Visegrad Group. The CDU politician wants to talk to his partners about the goals of the Presidency of the EU Council and defense cooperation.

The ECJ settles a tax dispute between Apple and the EU. In August 2016, the European Commission asked Apple to pay € 13 billion in back taxes in Ireland because the country gave the group illegal special treatment in terms of tax conditions. Ireland and Apple brought actions for annulment of the decision.

The office deals with intelligence powers. In the future, all secret services in Germany should be able to use surveillance software to spy on targets. This is a bill that the federal government wants to pass. Max Muth Background

The court rules on the regulation of parities in Thuringia. The previous government decided that state letters must be made up of an equal number of men and women. The State Parliament of Brandenburg previously paved the way for parity regulation. In both Länder, there were constitutional concerns from the start. In Thuringia, the AfD filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court. In fact, it claims that the principle of parity restricts the right of a party to select candidates for nomination.

Government statement by the new French Prime Minister, Jean Castex. The head of government appointed just a week ago will present guidelines for his policy to the National Assembly. Castex is considered a confidant of former conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy. He is a high political official and is not well known to the public.

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