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Shenzhen, China, July 4, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Since the inception of w 2020 is Petal Maps has grown enormously and now offers an innovative travel and navigation experience to over 28 million users in over 160 countries. Maps should represent the real world as faithfully as possible. This is the motto of Petal Maps that we are constantly working on.

While navigating, lane guidance and an enlarged junction display help you drive safely. The road condition is shown very accurately with countless inputs and a detailed display. Now, Petal Maps offers new features such as dark mode lighting effects, 3D landmarks, and more, based on advanced technologies such as fine-grained rendering. Petal Maps provides users with more realistic and interesting maps, enhancing the navigation experience.

Petal maps lead the way with impressive lighting effects

Finding the right path can be difficult. The streets you drive can look completely different than what you see on your phone screen, and the different lighting conditions can be confusing. And in night mode, streetlights are an integral part of the real world. To best match reality, Petal Maps adds evening lights to simulate road effects at night, including street lighting and building lighting effects, providing a higher level of map accuracy and detail.

This feature will be very useful for users as it allows a more holistic view of the details. For example, if buildings in a city light up, it signals to the user that it is nighttime in the place they are looking for. This allows users to better match the directions on the petal maps to their surroundings, even under changing lighting conditions.

Experience your surroundings in vivid detail with 3D landmarks

Petal Maps has created approximately 26,000 virtual building models and 3D effects for 100 iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, London Eye, Kuala Lumpur Tower and many more. With Petal Maps 3D landmarks, users can view famous nearby landmarks in greater detail, and even travel the world through the eyes of their imaginations, without having to step out the door. The 3D landmarks reflect the realities of these famous places in all their complexity, offering users more subtleties and nuances in finding paths.

In addition to 3D landmarks, Petal Maps also offers a more realistic 3D map with elements such as weather, trees, time and more. The 3D effects give users a new insight: they can see where they are or where they are going by comparing the finest details on their petal maps screen with what they really see in front of them.

Petal maps: temperature and precipitation layers and a color grading system bring the world to life

In addition, the latest petal map update makes navigation even more fun with new temperature and precipitation layers and natural landscape colors for the maps.

Many people find finding their way or reading a map boring or tedious. But Petal Maps works hard to recreate the real world, improving the authenticity and accuracy of maps and navigation for an interesting experience.

Petal maps contain different map layers such as terrain and weather that represent real-world conditions, allowing users to view weather and temperature conditions. This allows users to be prepared as they can see the weather conditions at their destination and along the route directly on the layer without having to open up a lot of weather forecasts, for example packing umbrellas when they venture into an area with heavy rain. Additionally, additional accents bring the map to life.

Users can switch between different layers of the weather map, such as temperature and precipitation, using the slider at the top right corner of the Petal Maps homepage. From there, tap Choose Layer, select Weather Layer, and then select Temperature / Precipitation Layer to make the change.

The petal maps also use a color grading system that corresponds to the real environment and accurately depicts geographic features such as water, green spaces, and mountains as users perceive their world. This makes navigation much more interesting as you can enjoy picturesque views of beautiful natural bodies and more from the screen.

Personalized features of the Petal Map add variety to navigation

The latest update also includes personalized skins for each of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, adding more variety to your navigation. To switch to a personalized skin, just go to “My Page”, from there go to Settings and change your display settings.

If you want to know more about your travel habits, the solution offers the Petal Maps user journey report. Petal Maps creates a report based on user behavior and periodically sends it via push notifications to give users a better sense of their behavior while traveling.

In addition, Petal Maps offers users a Cruise mode. When the speed of the Petal Map home page is greater than 15 km / h for at least 10 seconds, Cruise mode will be activated. When cruise mode is on, you will be informed by a voice message about speed cameras, speed limits and road conditions along your route. This makes it easier to navigate.

With sophisticated displays that are intuitive at first glance, the newly updated Petal Maps playfully guide the user on the path they must follow.

The petal maps are constantly evolving to provide a more immersive experience for users. With immersive rich layers, 3D landmarks and night lighting, users have a more realistic map experience that connects them with the world around them.

(Petal map functions may vary by country / region, depending on actual conditions)

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