Police Reports for the Aurich District, June 30, 2022: North – Burglary in Business / Aurich – Cyclist Was Drunk / Hage – Escape from the Accident / Norddeich – Escape from the Parking Lot / Norderney – Cyclists Checked

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Północ – burranie w biznesie / Aurich – cyclist was drunk / Hage – escape from accident / Norddeich – escape from parking / Norderney – controlled cyclists

district Aurich (ots) –

crime scene

North – Burglary in business

A store on Knyphausenstrasse in the north was broken into. Between Tuesday 6:00 pm and Wednesday 7:00 am, strangers entered the company’s headquarters and stole cash. The police seized the evidence and started an investigation. Please notify any witnesses who have observed suspicious persons during this period by calling 04931 9210.

road incidents

Aurich – the cyclist was drunk

A drunk cyclist popped in at Aurich on Thursday morning. At around 3:30 a.m. the 22-year-old was riding a Südeweg when he fell into a neighboring ditch. After investigating the accident, the officers found that the man was severely intoxicated. The breath alcohol test showed a value of over 1.8 per mille. The man hurt himself accident of course not. Officials forbade further travel and a blood sample was taken from him. The 22-year-old faces criminal proceedings.

Hage – escape from the accident

There was an accident in the parking lot in Hage on Thursday evening. Between Wednesday, 5.30 PM and Thursday, 6.00 a.m., a hitherto unknown person touched a Peugeot 508 in Baantjebur Street. The Northern Police will receive directions on 04931 9210.

Norddeich – hit and run to the parking lot

The escape from a road accident took place on Wednesday in Badestraße in Norddeich. From 9:15 to 13:00, the driver parked his blue VW T-Roc with a bicycle rack in the parking lot of the holiday home on Badestrasse. During this period, a presumably unknown driver touched the car while maneuvering and then fled the field. The bicycle rack and the rear light were damaged. The police are asking for information on the perpetrator by calling 04931 9210.

Norderney – controlled cyclists

On Thursday morning, the Norderney Police and the Public Order Office carried out road checks with a focus on cyclists. Inspections took place in the pedestrian zone and on the Zuckerpad, which was closed to cyclists. Within an hour, officials detected and punished 25 offenses in the pedestrian zone itself. 22 out of 25 commercials were caused by illegal driving in a pedestrian zone. Cyclists must reckon with a warning fee. The police will continue to carry out such checks, both announced and unannounced.

This report was sent on June 30, 2022 at 06:15 by the Police Inspectorate in Aurich / Wittmund.

Forensic Statistics on Home Burglaries in Aurich County

According to the police criminal statistics (PKS) of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), in the district of Aurich in 2020 in fact 146 offenses home burglary, and 39% of cases are attempted crime. this clearance rate was included in 2020 28.8%. Among 52 suspects there were 11 women and 41 men. 25% of people are suspects of non-German origin.

age number of suspects
under 21 years of age 13
21 to 25 12
25 to 30 eighth
30 to 40 15
40 to 50 1
50 to 60 1
over 60 2

For 2019, the BKA criminal statistics showed 161 cases of home burglaries in the Aurich poviat, the explanation rate here was 42.2%.

Statistics of road accidents and casualties in the last 3 years

Able Lower Saxony was a year 2020 a total of 27 804 road accidents with injuries 369 fatalities and 34,974 wounded. In recent years, there has been a slight downward trend in the number of road accidents registered by the police throughout Germany. In 2020, a total of 2,245,245 accidents took place in Traffic 2,685,661 cases in 2019 and 2,636,468 cases in 2018. This trend can also be observed in the number of personal injury accidents. For example, in 2020, there were 264,499 accidents in which people were injured and a total of 3,046 people were killed. In 2018, there were 3,275 fatalities out of 308,721 personal injury accidents.

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