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Responsible and Geseke (from left) Christiane Sonntag-Carl, Dagmar Hermes and Jennifer Lehmenkuehler in the squad of Peter Finke from Salzkotten (right) and Michael Kubat. (Photo: City of Büren)

There was a lot of good things to talk about for the responsible actors from the cities of Geseke, Salzkotten and Büren when they met again at the town hall of Büren. The invitation from Michael Kubat was accepted by Peter Finke from the economic development agency of the city of Salzkotten, Christiane Sonntag-Carl and Dagmar Hermes from the economic development agency of the city of Geseke, accompanied by Jennifer Lehmenkühler, who works for the organization of events and administration in the Geseker economic network, the economic development agency in the city Büren, to exchange professional and personal information on key issues in each city.

While the latest conversation focused on topics such as the crown pandemic and the comprehensive coverage of immunization, those responsible for these three cities are now looking to the future. The organization of events, digitization and economic development on the ground, and above all the concerns of retailers, were the main voting topics at Büren City Hall.

“This is a mandatory prerequisite to build awareness and trust in local purchasing together with downtown traders. Retailers and restaurateurs in particular, with their offers and commitment, make a significant contribution to ensuring life in our cities, ”says Christiane Sonntag-Carl from Geseke. The many future event formats in the Büren-Geseke-Salzkotten city triangle show that all three cities laid a good foundation for a corresponding increase in attractiveness. “Through professional marketing of the city and numerous events, we attract attention also throughout the country and at the same time improve the quality of life locally. And all three cities have fantastic and above all volunteers who are passionate about their city and are actively contributing, ”says Peter Finke from Salzkotten.

Therefore, representatives of individual cities agreed on further, personal voices in favor of the positive development of the region. Everyone agrees that the development of the region can only be achieved through active and shared communication. The goal of these three cities is more than ever to make people aware of the importance of local retailers, service providers and restaurateurs for the quality of life in our cities, communities and regions. By shopping locally and visiting the city, customers can positively shape their own living environment, especially in these difficult times. “We want to intensify mutual exchange in the future and discuss and develop projects together. During the consultations, a joint and exciting format for the event has already emerged, which is now to be further promoted internally, ”concludes Michael Kubat.

To the city triangle Büren-Geseke-Salzkotten

The economic region of Büren-Geseke-Salzkotten is primarily characterized by joint, medium-sized family businesses. Companies that are the backbone of a stable and developing economy in the region. Education and training are also particularly important in all three cities. Inner cities play a large, important and significant role in all three cities.

It has been good practice for years that all three cities have agreed to work in partnership to further extend these common framework conditions in the region during these difficult times.

If you have any questions or suggestions in individual cities, please contact us:
Christiane Sonntag-Carl (Geseke), 02942 500-512,
Dagmar Hermes (Geseke), 02942 500-513,
Peter Finke, (Salzkotten), 05258 507-1124,
Michael Kubat (Büren), 02951 970-118,

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