Airport boss: service problems for months Free press

It crunches enormously at German airports. No one should hope for a speedy recovery, says Fraport boss Schulte. To avoid great chaos, further flights will be canceled.

Frankfurt am Main.

According to the operator, service problems at the largest German airport in Frankfurt will last a few more months. Fraport CEO Stefan Schulte said Tuesday night that the current level would remain the same for another two to three months and that other flights would also have to be canceled. With a view to starting school holidays in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate on 23 July, he said: “Summer schools are yet to come.”

Several hundred flights in Frankfurt for July and August have already been canceled in cooperation with the main customer Lufthansa. The maximum hourly capacity of the airport has been reduced from 10 to 94 operations per hour in order to improve the handling of the remaining flights. This is necessary for the system to be stable, said Schulte. “So far, we have avoided total chaos.”

Two hours of waiting for luggage

Relatively high level of non-punctuality and long waiting times, especially for luggage, for which Schulte apologized to passengers. The loading of departing planes and transit passengers’ luggage is now a priority. So those who end their trip in Frankfurt sometimes have to wait two hours for their suitcases. The extra effort comes when passengers leave the airport without their luggage, as the luggage has to be delivered later. The passenger checks were relatively smooth.

Schulte admitted that he misjudged the developments during the corona crisis. However, the emigration of low-income workers could not be prevented even with increased short-term work benefits as they are also dependent on shift allowances. They would look for jobs in other sectors.

According to Schulte, Fraport has hired almost 1,000 new people since the end of summer 2021, but needs several hundred more. Schulte said he was grateful to Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) that temporary workers from Turkey could now be quickly recruited. While he hoped their secondment would be another two months away, it was also an important relief. In any case, the demand for industrial workers will increase rapidly in the coming years. (dpa)

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