Ballermann hits: is Julian Sommer’s summer hit 22 coming? – Game

Vocalist Julian Sommer starts with “Dicht im Flieger”. Photo: Joey Cziesla / umusic / dpa

“Tight on the plane – it doesn’t matter, because my head only does La”: excerpt from the now popular drunken song of singer Julian Sommer. Will 2022 be the summer of Ballermann hits?

Palma de Mallorca – In the film, 20-year-old Julian Sommer jumps in good spirits in front of the beach bar “Balneario 06” in Playa de Palma.

As is well known, the corruption of the word “Balneario” as “Ballermann” has given its name to Mallorca’s party district between the large pub “Bierkönig” and the disco “Mega-Park”. In the song “Dicht im Flieger”, which has a chance to become a summer hit in Germany in 2022, Julian Sommer proudly sings drunken slogans like “Sangria, vodka, wine, we’ll throw everything in”. You only want one thing: be drunk.

Summer appears in “Bierkönig”.

Car sales manager and pop singer Sommer hails from the village of Hausten in Rhineland-Palatinate. He currently commutes between the Vordereifel and Majorca, where he has a room in a shared flat, to appear in the “Bierkönig” on Sunday evenings.

“Walking the streets with four out of a thousand – and just singing the same songs day after day,” says the song, which climbed to seventh place on the official German charts in early July. In April, he started in 91st place, and at the end of May he was in 40. He has been in the top ten since mid-June – and the trend is growing. Do you want more lines of text? “Finally, I’m back and I’m already drinking tea. And the next morning I have a pear.

This is what the summer of 2022 sounds like, when many, although often through chaotically organized airports, return to the sun and – as before Corona – want to treat themselves to a beach holiday.

Julian Sommer is of course pleased with his success, but also amazed. “I think it’s just because not much has happened in terms of events in the last two years,” says the 24-year-old from the German Press Agency. There were only a few party songs because of Corona. – So you have some catching up now.

What makes summer a hit?

Above all, the long vacation began in the most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, from which it seems that a particularly large number are traveling to Majorca. At least on Platja de Palma, you enjoy seeing groups of North Rhine-Westphalia men screaming out fake branded goods from retailers, from sunglasses to wristwatches – the fact that Sommer’s summer song also highlights: “Rey Beri is on for start, Rolex is on.” his shoulder – and I salute Senegal.

Singer and songwriter Nico Santos also sees this year’s trend towards German party songs. “Right now, I notice that people play Ballermann a lot, which is also reflected in hits like Layla,” Santos recently told a German news agency. “Layla” by DJ Robin und Schürze has been number one on the charts for two weeks.

“Summer songs feel like they are constantly changing and varying from country to country,” says Santos, who grew up in Majorca. “Many thoughts of Spanish reggae sound like” Despacito “, and DJ productions are always very successful as well.

Luis Fonsi’s big summer hit “Despacito” feat. It’s been five years since Daddy Yankee. A year later, the remix of the catchy song “Bella Ciao” was voted a summer hit in Germany, as was the Latin love song “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello three years ago. In 2020, the hit of Tik-Tok entitled “Savage Love” compiled by American singer Jason Derulo was a summer song par excellence. A year ago it was “Bad Habits” by British superstar Ed Sheeran.

The song Sheeran was quite unusual as it is usually part of the tradition of the official summer blockbuster that the song is from relatively unknown artists. For example, think about “Macarena” Los del Rio (1996), “Samba de Janeiro” by Bellini (1997), “The Ketchup Song” Las Ketchup (2002), “Dragostea din tei” O-Zone (2004), “Wake me up. “Avicii (2013) or” Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) “by Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine Thompson (2015).

So far, no typical Ballermann hit has become an official summer hit with GfK Entertainment’s chart compilers. German-language songs were also rare so far – it wasn’t until 2007 that “Hamma!” Was released. Culcha Candela and 2003’s Off to the South, Buddy vs. DJ The Wave.

2022 could now be a turning point for Ballermannhit. Above all, however, all federal states must go on vacation, and vacation destinations must be conquered. Maybe then another dance trend will come from somewhere to Germany. Candidates would be remixes such as “Belly Dancer” by Imanbek & BYOR or “Ferrari” by James Hype and Miggy Del Rosa.

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