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NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – After a long weekend on Tuesday, the US stock markets have plummeted at times. In trading, however, the Nasdaq indices have clearly managed to move into the profit zone thanks to a strong focus on technology stocks. The S&P 500 also found positive territory, while the Dow Jones Industrial also clearly rebounded, but closed with losses. Overall, the mood remained gloomy. Concerns about recession increasingly dominate stock markets.

The Dow ended the day down 0.42 percent to 30,967.82 points, slightly upping last week’s loss by just over 1 percent. The all-market S&P 500 eventually increased by 0.16 percent. up to 3831.39 points Nasdaq 100 selection index
increased by 1.68 percent. to 11,779.91 points. However, it has lost just over four percent in the past week.

The talks between the US and China on a possible reversal of some of the trade tariffs imposed under former US President Donald Trump have sparked confidence. However, this is unlikely to seriously mitigate fears of a recession, as even lower tariffs on imports of Chinese goods could do little to alleviate high inflation.

The surprisingly good data on orders from the US industry for May also raised relatively little attention. Such data has become secondary due to prevailing supply chain problems and the resulting backlog of orders.

Chevron was among the individual values the biggest loser in the Dow with minus 2.6 percent. ConocoPhillips he gave the S&P 100 downstairs by 7.0% ExxonMobil
lost 3.1 percent. Oil prices have fallen sharply amid spreading fears of a recession.

Meanwhile, the US bank JPMorgan, for example, views the US economic outlook as modest as in Western Europe. The US bank economists therefore lowered their estimates significantly. When asked whether weak growth will eventually turn into a recession, the decisive factor is the response of companies, they wrote.

Nike meanwhile, it rose 3.1 percent at the Dow summit. However, on Friday they fell to the lowest level in about two years. Many tech stocks, some of which have also dropped to multi-year lows over the past week, have also swung into a recovery course. Chip manufacturer Micron Technology has increased its share
by 5.7 percent PayPal gained 4.2 percent, and Nvidia 3.0 percent

Mostly, newspapers from corona vaccine manufacturers were in the black – even when it came to Biontech rather negative news. Tübingen-based biotechnology company Curevac
filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Biontech and two subsidiaries in Germany. It is a Comirnata vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer (Germany / USA). Curevac fell 1.1 percent after initial gains, Biontech gained 2.2 percent, while shares in pharmaceutical company Biontech, partner Pfizer lost 1.3 percent. The stock of competitor Modern was also placed in the Nasdaq 100 ranking by 3.7%

Euro was $ 1.0269 in late US trade. At times it fell to $ 1.0235, the lowest level in approximately 20 years. The European Central Bank set the reference rate at $ 1.0290 (Monday: $ 1.0455). The dollar thus cost 0.9718 (0.9565) euros. In the US Treasury market, the 10-year trend-setting treasury (T-Note term) rose 0.45 percent to 119.80 points. In return, the yield on ten-year government bonds fell to 2.82% / k / n

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