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tokentus Investment AG: Press release at the virtual general meeting 2022

07/06/2022 / 07:30
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tokentus Investment AG: Press release at the virtual general meeting 2022

  • High level of acceptance of all proposed resolutions by the administration
  • Dietrich Böke newly elected to the Supervisory Board
  • Resolutions on any capital measures create the conditions for the next step in international growth

Frankfurt am Main, July 6, 2022. At the annual general meeting of tokentus Investment AG (tokentus, ISIN: DE000A3CN9R8; WKN: A3CN9R; abbreviation: 14D), which was held again yesterday in virtual form, all resolutions proposed by the management board were approved by the represented shareholders (Presence: 45.59% of the share capital) with the express consent.

In addition to the agenda items that are regularly voted on, Dietrich Böke has been newly appointed to the company’s supervisory board. The four-person Supervisory Board will be replenished after Christoph Mast’s departure at the end of March 2022.

At the annual general meeting, CEO Oliver Michel announced the very successful fiscal year 2021 that set the course for tokentus. Tokentus shares have been listed in the m: access m: access segment on the Munich Stock Exchange since August 3. 2021 and in Frankfurt from September 30, 2021, in Xetra from October 4, 2021. Last year, EUR 12.8 million was raised through three capital increases. Some of these funds have already been invested in 2021 in a total of seven international tokenization and digital asset trading investments that the company believes are promising. In addition, the network of co-investors was significantly expanded.

In the next step of growth, it is planned to expand the company’s shareholder base with strategic investors from the blockchain scene and international investors familiar with blockchain. The prerequisites for this were resolved by yesterday’s Ordinary General Meeting, namely the resolution on the permission to make a limited capital increase to cash with the exclusion of subscription rights by issuing up to 10 million new registered shares without par value. Moreover, the authorized capital was supplemented within the legally permissible framework.

Blockchain is a global problem. Our goal is therefore to establish tokentus as an established and reputable global player in the global VC blockchain market. In addition to further expanding our portfolio with promising investments in this market, this also includes the internationalization of our shareholder base, says Oliver Michel. The current market turmoil will not stop long-term development in the blockchain space, but it is also a real test for our portfolio companies and our investment strategy.

About the company tokentus Investment AG
tokentus Investment AG (ISIN: DE000A3CN9R8, WKN: A3CN9R; code: 14D) is an investment company focusing on investments in the blockchain market. The shares of tokentus Investment AG are listed on the m: access (OTC) market of the Munich Stock Exchange and are traded on XETRA and other German stock exchanges.
Through the constantly growing network of co-investors, international financial investments and investments in companies are obtained, as well as tokens from investments and financial investments, the business model of which is directly related to blockchain technology. The shareholders of tokentus Investment AG can therefore indirectly invest in a diversified, international portfolio in the future blockchain market. tokentus Investment AG sees itself as an investment pool and entry vehicle for investors on the blockchain market. As a German joint stock company, the company is committed to transparency and regular communication with investors. tokentus Investment AG currently has financial investments, as well as capital and token investments in eleven blockchain companies and a venture capital fund focused on blockchain.
For more information, please visit: www.tokentus.com

This publication does not constitute an offer to sell or an invitation to buy any securities. Registered no-par value shares of tokentus Investment AG (shares) may not be sold outside the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular in the United States or in the United States (pursuant to Regulation S of the US Securities Act of 1933 in the version currently in force (Securities Act securities) or offered or sold for the account of US persons The securities have already been sold.

Contact for questions
Oliver Michel
CEO of tokentus Investment AG
Telephone: +49 175 7222 351

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