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Our land has many faces: people, cultural and natural landscapes, flora and fauna. They all shape the face of the planet. In an extensive topic titled “Faces of the World” this summer, the Phoenix devotes many documentaries of the past and present of mankind, with the future of the blue planet in mind.

The seven-week summer Phoenix program begins on July 11, 2022 with a Theme Week “Faces of the Middle East”. It focuses on a region of the world that is heavily affected by historical and present-day conflicts, and at the same time holds a unique treasure of culture and natural beauty.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the West German flood disaster, the phoenix will broadcast on July 14 and will broadcast An event commemorating the victims of the flood live from Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. In a special edition the phoenix in person people affected by the flood disaster have their say and documental series “Earth Below” looks at possible global water tide scenarios. In four episodes that premiere in the Phoenix, world-renowned photojournalist Kadir van Lohuizen searches for clues – from the Arctic to Asia, North America and the Pacific Islands to Europe – about the consequences of rising sea levels and a documentary subsidence.

The following week, the phoenix turns to the American West and its faces. A six-part series “Back in America” (18, 19 and 20 July) presents documentaries colored using the latest technologies. phoenix makes these unique and moving chronicles of historical private and archival recordings available to the German public.

As part of “The Faces of the World”, the phoenix will present one on August 10 A theme evening about the great diversity of people and cultures in South America, tells the historically exciting “Saga of Australia” (09/08) and accompanies young travelers on “dream journeys” around the world (08/08). On the anniversary of the construction of the wall on August 13, modern witnesses speak to the Phoenix. The documentary drama “Ein Tag im August” follows the experiences of the victims for whom the construction of the Wall was a turning point in their biography.

At the end of the documentary summer, the phoenix tells the series “Icons of the 20th century(21.08.) Stories of extraordinary, brave personalities. The seven-part BBC production features leading twentieth-century personalities from politics, culture, science and sport. There are presented men and women whose aura and work have survived to this day: incl. Churchill, Roosevelt, Gandhi, Thatcher, Monroe, Bowie, Hitchcock, Warhol.

From July 11 to August 28, the documentary about the phoenix summer 2022 titled “Faces of the World” shows visually strong, emotional and investigative journalistic documentaries about the phoenix on television and in the ARD and ZDF media libraries.

The Mediateka highlights in the summer of the documentary about the phoenix 2022

“Icons of the 20th century”

7 parts, German premiere, from August 6, 2022 in ARD and ZDF media outlets

The seven-episode BBC series presents the leading personalities of the 20th century from the world of politics, culture, science and sport. It presents men and women whose aura and work have survived to this day: incl. Churchill, Roosevelt, Gandhi, Thatcher, Monroe, Bowie, Hitchcock, Warhol.

“Earth Below”

4 parts, German premiere, from 07/14/22 in ARD and ZDF media outlets

The current inventory of the climate crisis and possible scenarios on how we can protect ourselves from the flow of water in the coming years.

“Children of Guernsey War – Heritage of the German Occupation”

Premiere, phoenix 2022 (in cooperation with the Baden Württemberg Film Academy), from August 11, 2022 in ARD and ZDF media outlets

British Isle of Guernsey is an island with a German history. During World War II, the island off the coast of France was occupied by the German Wehrmacht. The occupiers stayed for five years and left behind not only gigantic bunkers, tunnel systems and defense towers, but also a little-known social heritage.

Superfood or climate killer – avocados and berries from South America

Premiere, film by Matthias Ebert, phoenix / SWR 2022 from 10.08.2022 in the ARD media library

“Karibu Africa – Kenya between tradition and new beginnings”

Premiere, film Susann von Lojewski, phoenix / ZDF from August 6, 2022 at the ZDF media library

Kenya has been independent for almost 60 years and is fighting for its role on the African continent. The ZDF correspondent, Susann von Lojewski, takes us on a journey through a country with many faces. A country that clings to tradition and at the same time sees itself as the engine of progress in Africa.

“The world in slow motion” (English OV)

from 11.07.22 in ARD and ZDF media outlets

After the successful premiere of the Phoenix in April this year, four new seasons of the English-language series: Gabriele and Ludovico are two Italian friends, two young men hungry for adventure. They fly and drive around the world in amazing vehicles, get involved with the country and people around the world, want to have fun, and things don’t always go as planned! Despite this, or maybe because of that, they feel like modern explorers. All the adventures of young travelers around the world can be seen and heard in the original English version.

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