Fantastischen Vier concert in Stuttgart: Thank you, dear Fantas, for pure local patriotism! – Stuttgart

Nobody can count the number of times the word “Stuttgart” is heard on Wasen on Friday night as a shout of enthusiasm. Many thanks to Fantastischen Vier for their exceptional show – and pure local patriotism!

There is no doubt that Fantastischen Vier is one of the best concert bands in Germany. How Smudo, Thomas D., Michi Beck and And.Ypsilon knock out about 30 hits from their 33-year career in two hours with Cannstatter Wasen, full of power and bombastic sound, is unique and passes through the marrow and bones. In addition, an optically great cinema – with cannons made of crackling confetti, with gold glitter ribbons that flutter in the air to lie tenderly in the audience, and a mobile phone with a sea of ​​lights in the stands at dusk. Even the sun goes down theatrically behind the König Karls Bridge as if it were part of the “Forever 30 Live” program.

Such an intense experience can only be found in “Mother-City!”

But Fantas’s performance at home in Stuttgart is much more than amazing entertainment – what 28,000 people of all generations experience on Friday at Neckar Beach on Neckar Beach, which fans in Cologne, Hamburg or Berlin can experience, even if they are just as passionate, never they don’t feel. Because in the “mother city” that the band talks about all the time, everything is different.

With so much praise for the city that can be misunderstood outside the city, without which fantastischen Vier would not exist, it doesn’t matter that only one of the hip-hop heroes still lives “at home”. Only And.Ypsilon is here. Fans wear ‘Stuttgart’ on the chest of their t-shirts or ‘Benztown’ on the back of their shirts. A spokeswoman for the band is also named Natascha Nopper, but she is not related or related through marriage to the current mayor, Frank Nopper. For this local patriotism that seems real and is fully shared in Wasenarena with four stands, four of them should also be officially thanked. That’s what we want to do with it! Amazing, fantasies! The love from Stuttgart never ends! If you go on like this, you will surely be a candidate for honorary citizens of Stuttgart.

They are all older, some bring their children with them

There is also a party behind the fences. People meet on the balconies of nearby houses to listen to music together. Most of those who are indoors come by public transport – these are the sensible people in Stuttgart – so there are still free parking spaces on Wasen right before the concert starts. It’s a bit like a high-class convention on the festival grounds. Everyone has aged, enjoying nostalgia and memories, some bring their children with them. Paul is eleven years old, sitting on the first stand, in the 20th row. Father took him to visit Fanta so that the junior could hear live, which was once a joy for seniors. “Paul was nine years old when the pandemic broke out,” says his father, “he had to wait a long time for his first concert.”

Praise for “Grandma Against the Right” Michi Beck on stage

Even fans in their 70s are in the audience and are clearly welcomed by the band. They are “grandmothers against the right.” It is good that there are no AfD conventions near Fanta, says Michi Beck with applause. In “Mother City” the guest list is longer than in other cities. Old friends are invited for free, but are asked to donate ten euros for Laut gegen Nazis. The party after the concert of the band and their friends has to be canceled due to the risk of corona infection. It must end at 10.30pm because of the locals. The fants even end “Together”, an encore a few minutes earlier. They are landing on the dot! The masses walk calmly and joyfully towards the exit. Somehow, this is also typical of Stuttgart. Nobody is exaggerating. You come home feeling good.

The band announces: on December 23, we will also play in Stuttgart

Clueso will be a special guest of the second home game on Saturday. Tickets are still available at the box office. Entry at 4:30 PM. Clueso plays at 19:15. The Fantas will perform at 8:30 PM. On Friday, the band also announced that they will play another concert at the Schleyerhalle on December 23, 2022. Advance sale for this start will start on Monday.

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