How does a dating ghostwriter help unsuccessful singles online

Millions of people roam the Internet in search of love. But at some point, they all sit in front of an empty text field for online chat. How should I start? How to break the ice and talk to a stranger? If you are in despair, you can get help: for a fee, dating specialist Markus Dobler will write lyrics for shy singles and lead them to a real-life meeting.

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The 48-year-old from Ingolstadt has been talking to others on dating sites since 2014. He knows what goes well with digital flirting: “The most important thing is to keep the chat – communication has to stay alive. I often get chat messages asking myself: what’s next? ” Markus Dobler therefore recommends simply asking questions. “Shows an interest and makes it easier for the other person to respond.”

After four to five messages until the first meeting

The charity agent wants to get out of his mediating role as soon as possible. “Actually, I’m just checking to see if there’s a foundation – if it’s all right, make sure you switch to the real world as soon as possible.” The goal of his work is not to keep the digital pen companion for weeks, but to meet as soon as possible, or at least to make an appointment – often on the third or fourth message. “You could say I’m a springboard, but they have to swim in the water.”

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This is also in the interest of his customers, as Markus Dobler’s service is obviously not free. The cheapest package costs 49 euros per month. To this end, he writes around 30 messages in various chat rooms and tries to get as many dates as possible for his clients.

But online dating doesn’t start with a conversation. First, you need to create a personal profile on the Affiliate Exchange. According to the expert, the most important thing is a good profile picture. “There are men posing in fishing hats and carps. It might be a good fit for his buddies, but it’s okay when I’m looking for a mate. ” According to Dobler, it’s important to be easy to recognize and show your best side: “If I have a friendly face, it should be in the spotlight. If I can get some great silhouettes, it could also be a larger photo section. “

A professional photo session works wonders

Most of their clients recommend professional help on this key point. “Too many people use dimly lit selfies. Then I send people to the photographer first. He just knows better how to present a person in an attractive way. “

You should try, especially with the profile text: “I find the lists of good qualities very boring: ‘I am kind, loyal, reliable, spontaneous and romantic.” You can think of something more. ” But a flirting expert will also be happy to provide tips.

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why are we jealous

A concentrated load of fear, sadness and anger – jealousy can be quite painful. But why are we doing this at all?

Markus Dobler also helps with the selection of candidates, but of course you say, “Sometimes a client says, ‘No, that’s impossible, she looks like my ex-wife.’ Then I will keep looking. ” Single women also interact with him. But overall, Dobler estimates that four out of five of his clients are men. The age ranges from 35 to mid-fifty. “I once had a gentleman who was over 90 years old. Unfortunately, I was unable to help. “

Not only the Ingolstadt resident offers his help with online flirting. If you do your research, you will find a large number of helpers and agencies with the same business model. Some guarantee clients up to five meetings and phone calls in a short time. Others offer one-on-one pre-date coaching, just before and briefing after the meeting. So if you want to outsource your text work, you have a choice. But the main business is always talking to a potential new love.

There must be a good start

If things don’t go well with the lyrics, Markus Dobler is also honest with his clients: “People are looking for someone they want to meet in real life, and maybe even one day they will love. If it is jerky at first, you should admit it.

In order to know what a good match is for their players, the flirting midfielder has to know them very well. “At the beginning we always have a long phone call and there is a profile that needs to be completed. I need to know what turns him on: is he funny and open, or rather shy and aloof. After all, I really know a lot about this person. Then I will be able to properly behave in the chat. “

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Overall, it’s important that the 48-year-old takes his place in the conversation. “I know I’m Dobler, Markus, a really funny guy. And of course, I like it best when I know that the client is like me. Then I can really go full steam ahead. ” But if the client is a more serious character, the ghostwriter must fall back. To make sure it shows up properly there are always discussions and short voices via Whatsapp. “There is the catastrophic question: ‘How was your weekend?’ Then of course I have to ask again.

All inclusive package for 790 euros

Most of Markus Dobler’s clients read while he is talking. If you want, you can also book an all-inclusive package. For € 790, you get full support for six months and can let the online interface work for you. “In my work I mainly use paid partner exchanges. Here, a six-month membership costs sometimes over 450 euros – that’s included in the price. The upside is that people who are willing to pay that kind of money usually really mean it. “

And when you are serious, you should also be honest, says the Ingolstadt resident: “You shouldn’t lie, especially when it comes to age. If you rejuvenate yourself ten years, it will eventually come out, and that will only lead to disappointment. ” You should also be open about whether you are interested in a serious relationship or are looking for something casual.

“You can admit it later”

As for another question, however, Michael Dobler doesn’t see it that close to the truth: “I wouldn’t recommend my clients to tell me about themselves. At least not on the first date. You can admit it later, when there is a basis of trust – maybe in the morning before the wedding. “

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However, he claims that in over eight years of his support, he has never been exposed. “But in the end, my support is minimal. I’m just giving help to get started. ” But his support seems to be paying off. The Dating Assistant knows about at least one wedding, and even one child that was born through his coaching.

Customers are growing on it

To keep track of his work, Michael Dobler works with lists and tables, with places of residence, hobbies and eating habits. After all, on dating sites, he must represent up to 15 clients at the same time. But I don’t get rich by doing it, she says, “Actually, I’m just doing it on the side – more like a hobby. But I am on fire for it. “

Especially if it takes a long time to find the right date for the person you care for, she really starts to like him: “Sometimes it takes six months before it finally comes to a date. Then sometimes in the evening I’m in my wife’s ears: “Man, today Bernd has his first meeting. Hope it works! “

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Incidentally, Michael Dobler did not meet his wife online – but also with help: “Back then, it was still a very classic matchmaking system for friends in the city.”

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