Instagram messages are disappearing: here’s why


What’s up on Instagram? Some of you are reporting direct messages disappearing. Now Instagram has commented on the problem.

Update July 6, 11:46 AM: Disappearing Instagram direct messages have frustrated some of you lately, but now the problem should be resolved. As Netzwelt Instagram explained, a technical error was the cause. This affected not only Instagram, but also Facebook Messenger, among others.

The full statement in English can be found below:

Previously, a technical issue was causing some people to have trouble messaging on Messenger, Instagram, and Workplace. We have resolved the issue as quickly as possible for everyone involved and apologize for any inconvenience.


Original message as of July 5 17:33

At around 5:20 pm on July 5, we are seeing an increasing number of complaints in our Instagram Incident Reporter. You mainly report problems with the application to us. A look at Twitter shows that sending and receiving messages is not possible for many users these days.

Sent messages just disappear or you get the error message “Unable to create thread”. The causes of the disruptions are still unclear.

Instagram has not commented on this yet. The issues may be related to the app update that the Photo Network released on July 5 for iOS devices. However, this only seems to apply to certain devices as we were able to send direct messages in the editorial office via the iOS and Android apps. As part of the test, you can try to undo an application update.

The current disruption map from Instagram

This disruption map was last updated on Jul 6, 2022 at 11:56 am. A more up-to-date version can be found in our Instagram crash reporting. We will also try to help – if possible – in solving problems.

Affected cities and regions

  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Munich
  • Hamburg

The most common disorders

  • Apps (64.12%)
  • Feed loading (18.67%)
  • Submit (7.23%)
  • Login (4.54%)
  • Website (5.43%)

report an error

Error indicator from

We constantly measure the availability of Instagram’s servers and services and show any problems or disruptions. Here you will find the current error status for Instagram, support addresses and reports from the manufacturer about the problem. There you can also check if the interference is a local or a national problem.

You can always see the current faults and problems in our fault indicator. There we list the most important internet providers, network providers, online games and streaming services for you. You can also check if there is a problem with your own line by using our speed test.

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