Kiel fountain pen corner: How do you find the perfect fountain pen?

keel. For those unfamiliar with Kiel, the small shops can easily be overlooked. But that would be a shame. Because between the tavern and Wunderino-Arena there is a somewhat hidden shopping gem. Address: Kurze Strasse 1. Name: Fountain Pen Corner Kiel. Four generations of the Schumann family once managed a traditional enterprise from 1859. Sabine Hennecke (74) has been a boss for 25 years. A visit to one of the last owner-run stores in Kiel.

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A soft doorbell announces the customers. It smells like leather and chocolate. At the stationery store? Yes. Because Sabine Hennecke loves hot chocolate. “When the Hohwu deli closed in 2004, I had to find a replacement somehow,” he says with a smile. Gradually the best chocolates, hand-made pralines, delicate pastries, grappa and licorice from Sweden were added to the assortment at the fountain pen corner in Kiel.

Sabine Hennecke from the fountain pen corner in Kiel: “You write more consciously with the fountain pen”

Customers can also buy the most famous umbrella in the world – Knirps here. And recently, high-quality leather bags and belts with silver buckles from a small manufacturer in Bad Bramstedt. There is a large poster on the wall. It says “Thinking with your hand”, thanks to which it fits perfectly into the basic activity of the Kiel perpetual corner – over 300 fountain pens, thousands of types of pens and pencils.

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What does writing with a fountain pen do to you? A lot, says Sabine Hennecke. “You write more consciously and calmly,” says a fountain pen specialist. “With the fountain pen you just live a different rhythm.” He loves it when the nib glides across the white paper. When thoughts are caught in curved ink writing.

Sabine Hennecke offers fountain pens in all price ranges – from the simplest version for € 16 to the Montblanc masterpiece for € 640. “It is important that the fountain pen matches the owner,” he says. And by that, it doesn’t mean optics. But only hand and spelling. How does the pen hold? How hard is someone pushing? Everyone writes differently. That’s why one fountain pen never fits all. “

Sabine Hennecke from the fountain pen corner in Kiel has been working in the paper industry for 55 years

Customers can do writing tests at a standing desk in the store. Sabine Hennecke’s 55 years of experience usually ensures that the filler and the buyer go perfectly together quite quickly. In the inside pocket of a navy blue jacket (a tailor-made creation, because women’s jackets do not have such a typical men’s outfit), on that day, he wears the Pilot fountain pen. “A fountain pen without a cap,” he says. “It never dries up because, like a pen, you only push the tip when needed.”

She is also very enthusiastic about the writing products from Otto Hutt in Pforzheim. “They have only had their own collection for four years,” he says. “They fit perfectly here in northern Germany. They are transparent, linear and classic. ” Hennecke pulls a drawer from one of the many cabinets and presents a copy. Screw nut, spring clip. Dark blue design. “I sell the brand most of the time these days.”

Who else is writing by hand in the age of e-mail and smartphones?

Business in the fountain pen shop is booming. Surprisingly. Because in the age of email and smartphones, the art of handwriting is no longer a matter of course. But Hennecke says, “People are writing again. Especially during the crown pandemic. “

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He cannot imagine his life without writing culture. “I even send my dinner invitations to my friends handwritten on nice paper.”

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A qualified saleswoman and her husband ran a paper shop Hennecke GmbH in Itzehoe. But then there was a separation. She worked on Sylt for a year before taking over the fountain pen corner in Kiel. Her 52-year-old daughter has now taken over the Hennecke office organization in Itzehoe. Sabine Hennecke, who lives in Schülp, would like to stay in Kiel as long as possible. “Who will take over such a store later?”

Kiel’s fountain pen corner between the inn and the Wunderino Arena: A good address for writing culture

He loves what he does. From consulting and sales to engraving and repair orders. Only one development gives her a headache. How are its customers supposed to reach it when Kiel is becoming more and more of a cycle city? “My clients are usually older and often not very good with their feet.” But maybe the younger generation will discover that there is a good address for a writing culture between the inn and the Wunderino Arena.

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Fountain Pen Corner Kiel, Kurze Straße 1, opening hours 10.00-17.00, closed Tuesdays and Saturdays 10.00-13.00, tel. 0431/95826.

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