LEA Mittelstandspreis 2022: SUNTAT honored for many years of social commitment at the German-Turkish Institute

On July 5, 2022, Mustafa Baklan (SUNTAT) was honored in the White Hall of the New Palace in Stuttgart for many years of service at the German-Turkish Institute for Work and Education (DTI) to the LEA SME award under the slogan “Achievements, Commitment and Recognition” was honored and awarded certificate. “There is only one thing that is more expensive than education in the long run, and that is lack of education. I was especially pleased with the nomination this year as we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of DTI in 2022, ”says Mustafa Baklan. SUNTA Europe GmbH is not only the largest supplier of Mediterranean food in Germany. It was also the first partner company of the University of Economics for Management in Mannheim.

DTI was established in 2012 on the initiative of the entrepreneur Mustafa Baklan (SUNTAT) and the founder of the University of Economics for Management, prof. dr. Franz Egle, founded in Mannheim – to support young people with a migrant background in such a way that they can afford practical studies at a private university and companies can connect with future employees at an early stage. Today, professional orientation, but also democracy and linguistic support are the main topics of the non-profit association. It promotes the exchange of people with and without a migrant background and close cooperation with partners in the fields of education, work, science and research. The jury was impressed with the heart and soul with which Mustafa Baklan advocates participation in education. He himself is a living example of successful integration.

DTI offers primarily and in cooperation with five partner schools (Johannes-Kepler-Gemeinschaftsschule, Marie-Curie-Realschule, Justus-von-Liebig-School, Friedrich-List-School, Integrated Comprehensive School Mannheim-Herzogried) and other organizations relevant to city ​​(NTM, MARCHIVUM, City Library) Language, vocational and democratic education incl. for new arrivals from Mannheim Schools.

The “Baden-Württemberg SME Social Responsibility Award” is entitled “Performance – Commitment – Recognition” (LEA). The jury had to select 2,022 out of a total of 210 entries in three size categories. SUNTAT Europe GmbH was in the top five in category 3 (150 to 499 employees) and received the “Exemplary Company 2022” award. Every year – this year for the sixteenth time Caritas and Deakonie in Baden-Württemberg together with the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism honor companies for extraordinary social commitment.

“We are very pleased with this recognition,” said Mustafa Baklan. “The LeA SME Award not only motivates companies and organizations in Baden-Württemberg to adopt social responsibility, but also highlights it. Social commitment is very important in the SUNTA Group, especially in the field of education. SUNTAT is a partner company of the Higher School of Economics for Management, a co-founder of the German-Turkish Institute of Work and Education, incl. V. and the founder of SUNTAT Bildungsbrücke e. V .. Cultural and sports associations such as Türkspor Mannheim e. V. are also supported to keep their offers and activities for children and young people. We are proud to be among the top five employees nominated in our category – this is an incentive for further development. Any company is only successful in the long term if, in addition to purely economic return, it contributes to the success of the society in which it is anchored. Increasing participation in education, reducing disadvantages and promoting community involvement are core goals for a sustainable community.

Summary in Turkish:

DTI Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Mustafa Baklan (SUNTAT), Türk-Alman İş ve Eğitim Enstitüsü’nde (DTI) uzun yıllardır üstlendiği sosyal sorumluluk için LEA Ödül Kurulu Tarafından Takdirından Takdirından Takdirından Takdirından Takdirından Takdirından Takdirından Takdirından Takdirından Takdirından takdirek ‘ın Beyaz Salon’unda Gerçekleşen Törende, Takdir Belgesiyl Onurlandılan Baklan “Uzun Vadede Eğitimden Daha Pahal Sklendilam” ksiluunnin belirtti. SUNTA Europe GmbH, Almanya’daki Akdeniz menşeli gıda ürünlerinin en büyük tedarikçisi olmasının yanı sıra Mannheim’da bulunan University of Economics for Management / Uygulamalı Yönetim Bilimleri Yüksekokulu’na destek veren ilk şirket. Bu sene 16. kez düzenlenen LEA Ödülleri, her sene ticari faaliyetlerin dışında olağanüstü sosyal sorumluluk gösteren, Almanya’da ekonominin bel kemiğini oluşturan küçük ve orta ölleterekli

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