Let the water run !: The people of Ulm play in the water

When the words “Ulm” and “water” are combined, so many combinations and ideas arise – this can only be a choice if we approach cool water in this issue. “My highlight is the light serenade,” says one, referring to the Saturday night before Oath Monday, when thousands of lights drift across the Danube in the dark. “I like to dip my toes in icy blue water,” says another who loves water but doesn’t necessarily need crowds that attract the serenade of lights. Susanne Grimmeiss, president of the Ulm Sailors’ Association, cannot imagine Ulm without the Danube. He has his hands full organizing skirmishes and always has the Danube in view. Whether it’s a water playground or a bathing lake, here are the 10 most beautiful “water oases” in and around Ulm. These are just examples showing the many ways to spend your free time in and by the water. Listing them all is the last straw. Ulrike Hoche

1. The Danube is so blue

The Danube, next to Ulm Minster, is the true star of its twin city. The river offers many opportunities for sports, and the green banks encourage walking and cycling paths. And if you just want to relax, you can sit on one of the large wooden stairs or on a bench and watch the water flow. Things are less serene when the international Danube Festival takes place every two years, with the ten countries crossed by the Danube. This year the time has come from 1 to 10 July: typical local handicrafts, concerts and the smell of delicious food invite you to stroll along both banks. And during the Schwörmontag, Ulm city holidays on July 18, the Danube suddenly comes alive as theme ships, inflatable boats and air mattresses sail towards Friedrichsau and are cheered and celebrated from the shores. The river also becomes a water stage during the skirmishes of July 24 and 31 – a historic and sporting competition in which two teams compete against each other, and the heroes fall into the water to applaud.

2. Lake – yes!

There are many refreshing lakes around Ulm: Ludwigsfelder Baggersee, Schützensee, Unterelchinger See or Pfuhler See (photo above), just to name a few. The latter is undoubtedly one of the most popular lakes and is frequently visited on hot summer days. In the kiosk you will find everything you need for a bath day: chips, shandies or ice cream. And if you really want to warm up after a cool dip, you can storm the playground or beach volleyball court. On colder days you usually have the lake to yourself, including a special atmosphere as you sit on the pier and gaze into the distance.

3. Between two river worlds

Illerspitze – The sharp corner where the mostly calm Danube and the more turbulent Iller meet, is a fascinating place. Anglers know exactly how to get there from Wiblingen, but as the view of the Illspitze is so much nicer anyway, we recommend one of the safe circular hikes where you can see the spot in sight.

4. Right above the Lago

Deck chairs on the pier, tables and chairs on the wooden terrace directly on the lake and a completely relaxing atmosphere – if you fancy a little “short break”, you can have a coffee on the terrace of the Hotel Lago and simply relax on the natural look of the lake in Friedrichsau – even if you don’t you are the visitor for the night.

5. A bit of Freiburg

Of course, the small town stream near Willy-Brandt-Platz in the Ulm Oststadt district cannot be compared to the large water network in Freiburg – that would be cocky. But when the kids are splashing in a few centimeters of water and the dogs find a place to cool off – it’s pure fun! And they don’t know that there are more of them in other cities.

6. From blue to green

Blautopf in Blaubeuren is one of the most water-rich karst springs in Germany. This is where the Blau River originates, which in Ulm flows into the Danube River some 20 kilometers. The striking color of spring – from blue to green – fascinates all visitors in equal measure. And because the water looks different in every weather and every day, a trip to Blaubeuren always pays off.

7. Up to your knees in ice cold water

The Kneipp association recommends “vigorous exercise” on the blue sign next to the Friedrichsau health center. Because the most important thing is that the hands and feet are well supplied with blood and warm before bathing in ice water. Then nothing prevents you from walking on the water in the “stork passage”.

8th track on Lake Glockerau

Let’s start with the Glockerau tourist car park – if you are driving from Burlafingen towards Bosch-Rexroth, the starting point of the tour can also be reached by public transport, the Glockerau stop is the exit. From here you can discover many small and large lakes such as the pike and trout pond. Depending on your physical condition and time, you can decide whether to go towards the Danube or towards Burlafingen. There is also a circular route that goes across the “other shore” towards Thalfingen. In summer, everything is lush green here and it is usually relaxing peace and quiet. We recommend everyone to use a mosquito spray just in case – because the little bloodsuckers also enjoy the beautiful landscape of the lake.

9. On the water playground

It’s not that easy to photograph a water playground like the one in Friedrichsau without the kids. Because there’s actually a lot going on here. Fresh water flows through a large area, thanks to the water locks the flow can be regulated. You hear sentences like, “The water is flowing, get out of here!” or “Wait, don’t open it yet!” The best thing for parents: the kids will definitely get wet, but the fine gravel means they’ll stay reasonably clean.

10. Rest in the nature reserve

48 ° 21’14.9 “N 9 ° 56’41.0” E – these are the coordinates of the entrance to the Lichtensee nature reserve. In other words: you drive through the Hans-Lorenser-Straße in the Donautal industrial area. Seeberger, Gardena, Wieland and suddenly: on the left a small sign on the Lichtensee. From a car to nature – it’s hard to believe! Swimming is only allowed in designated areas, no fire is allowed, and dogs must not be unleashed. Oh yeah, even picking flowers is forbidden. Sounds boring? no. This nature reserve is definitely worth a visit. Weeping willows and tall grass on the shore, water lilies in sparkling water. The heron lands quietly, dragonflies fly by in a hurry – and in the distance you can hear the hum of a truck in an industrial zone …


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