Nuremberg Digital Festival 2022: The jubilee event at the Museum of the Future begins!

NUREMBERG (pm / nf) – Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek called for accelerating the development of a national strategy for health data and digitization: At a press conference at the start of the Nuremberg Digital Festival on Monday in Nuremberg, Holetschek said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has reached, but also deficits in digitization in the German healthcare system. Digitization offers many opportunities to improve our healthcare system. To provide need-based and patient-centered care, we need greater sustainability and efficiency in the use of health data. ”

The Minister stressed: “We must be successful in using health data for care, but also for research, while protecting data – in the interest of patients. To do this, we need international standards and clear guidelines: Why do we collect data and how do we ensure that it is actually used only for these purposes? ”. data is essential. It must be possible to exchange data, and this data must be directly used across all sectors and between systems across Europe. The enormous importance of these data for research on the one hand, and the particular sensitivity on the other hand, require clear regulation. “
Holetschek underlined: “I expressly welcome the proposed European Health Data Area (EHDS) regulation by the European Commission. This is expected to bring about a fundamental shock to the digital transformation of healthcare in Europe, with an emphasis on citizens. ‘

In addition to analyzing large amounts of data to improve the accuracy of research and diagnosis, interoperability, that is, the exchange of data between systems and sectors, has great potential. This is exactly where it also binds Climate and Health Hackday Jul 6, 2022 organized by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Welfare together with the Nuremberg Digital Festival.

We look forward to the Nuremberg Digital Festival 2022: Ingo Di Bella (managing director of the Nuremberg Digital Festival) and festival director Tina Langheinrich.

Nuremberg Digital Festival 2022 was officially opened as part of the traditional opening press conference – this year at the Nuremberg Museum of the Future. Exciting insights into a variety of areas await the digital community until July 14, from artificial intelligence and social media to sustainability, games and new jobs. This year, there will be more events on the site again – that’s for sure. However, every fourth event is either virtual or completely virtual.

Dr. Michael Fraas, Economics and Science Officer in Nuremberg and patron of the festival: “Digital transformation is changing all areas of life and the entire community of the city. This broad thematic spectrum covers the Nuremberg Digital Festival, one of the most important events of the digital society in the German-speaking world. Here, Nuremberg becomes an open innovation laboratory for the latest achievements, trends and ideas of the creative community. As a result, Nuremberg enjoys international recognition as a digital business location ”.

“We are absolutely thrilled that the Nuremberg Digital Festival is taking place at all and we are excited about the upcoming festival days. Digitization, new work, diversity, sustainable development and mobility are some of the topics that concern us all and which we and our organizers will highlight at many events – adds Tina Langheinrich, festival director.

Nuremberg Digital Festival

The Nuremberg Digital Festival is an annual series of events in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. The festival, as an open network, has been connecting people and organizations from the world of business, technology, education and culture since 2012. The community of the Nuremberg Digital Festival promotes active shaping of digitization in all areas of society. A diverse group of people from various organizations such as companies, educational institutions, start-ups and cultural institutions support and shape the digital festival. Everyone shares the vision of an economically successful, creative and culturally vibrant social region that uses digital transformation as a comprehensive social change for itself.

For the first time as a cooperation partner of the Digital Festival in Nuremberg and with his own event: Bavarian Ministry of Digitization under the title “Digitization and the future of work – is presence becoming a luxury?” invites the Ministry of Digitization to the Germanisches Nationalmuseum on July 11. The pandemic changed the world of work: home office and remote work are no longer exotic terms. As a result of the pandemic, there has been a greater focus on digital business opportunities.

Participate and network until July 14: Registration is still possible

Anyone interested in digital can still register for the events on the Nuremberg Digital Festival website.
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