Oberliga relegated 1. FC Lok Stendal with promising tests

New entry Illia Ilchenko (right) and 1st FC Lok Stendal have drawn 2-2 with FT Braunschweig in the Bundesliga in preparation for the season.

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Stendal – 1. FC Lok Stendal is looking forward to relegating from the Oberliga again and wants to forget about the 2021/22 season. Yesterday, Sunday, the first real test of the association league was definitely promising, in front of the 95 paying viewers at the “Hölzchen”. The team led by Jörn Schulz drew 2: 2 (0: 1) with the team of Lower Saxony Oberliga FT Braunschweig.

“It was great fun from day one. We trained over 20 players in the first week, so you can work with it. When you see that everyone is gathering and everyone is trying to implement what we are talking about, that is also fun. We played today with the good Oberliga team from Lower Saxony and saw many, many good approaches. When you see what the boys are capable of despite the short break, I feel positive, ”concluded the train coach, who was again confident.

With summer temperatures high, the Stendaler family were offensive from the start. The gathering was interrupted at the beginning, Max Salge (2nd) and Rosario Schulz (5th) fired the first dangerous shots on goal. The visitors first appeared dangerously in front of the locomotive in the eleventh minute, but goalkeeper Anton Melnyk, one of the three test players, safely parried Phil-Louis Kunze’s shot from a distance. Five minutes later Denys Vyrych was miraculously released on the other side of the pitch, but the new addition failed to clear the ball past the Braunschweig goalkeeper. Felix Knoblich’s shot missed the target (21.). Soon after, the otherwise good Stendaler’s team wasn’t careful enough for a moment. Luca Faustmann escaped and could only be stopped by the goalkeeper Melnyk at the cost of a penalty. Phil-Louis Kunze safely turned it into a away lead – 0-1. After a foul on Florian Stark, the locals also received a penalty, but captain Steven Schubert was saved by FTB goalkeeper Luca Podlech (31st), who then lost a shot by Rosario Schulze (33rd) and a header from Felix Knoblich (38th). .) did not have to intervene.

In the second period, coach Schulz switched to three defenders and allowed his team to behave even more aggressively. Dominik Lehmpfuhl scored just over the goal in the 51st minute, and nine minutes later Lok’s long-delayed shot came. Illia Ilchenko won on the right side of the attack. Felix Knoblich volleyed into the post and Artem Dolbniev scored the equalization 1-1 (60). Stendal’s team then brought in seven players at once who immediately found their way into the game without any compromises. Lok decided the events, but the visitors scored another goal. After the free-kick, Marvin Fricke swapped the fastest and scored the 1-2 goal. It did not take long for Stendal’s answer, because just a few seconds later Shak Shawidi’s attempt showed determination and shot from the edge of the penalty area despite the pressure – 2: 2. After Shawidi (78th) missed again, Lok’s representative had a great chance of scoring the winning goal in the 82nd minute. Philipp Werner defended himself to the left, Lukas Pfeiffer passed the ball, but then Max Erdmann suffered a defeat completely undisputed by the goalkeeper. So there was a 2: 2 draw left to the final whistle, which flattered the upper class Braunschweigers.

“Due to the many newcomers, we have a completely different body tension and a completely different atmosphere in the team. When we lost the ball, we wanted to get it back right away. The guys did a good job, ”says Jörn Schulz, who is satisfied with the competition that has arisen and has yet to think about the missed opportunities. “We’ve been losing every game for six months. There are still many heads involved.

Goals: 0: 1 Phil-Louis Kunze (23 ‘, penalty), 1: 1 Artem Dolbniev (60’), 1: 2 Marvin Fricke (73 ‘), 2: 2 Shaka Shawidi (74’).

Special Incident: Steven Schubert (Stendal) missed his penalty kick (31st place).

1. FC Lok Stendal: Melnyk – Mahrhold, Schubert, Stark – Schleicher, Ilchenko, Salge, Dolbniev, Knoblich – Schulze, Vyrych (Balliet, Flöther, Breda, Shawidi, Werner, Erdmann, Leci, Pfeiffer, Lehmann, Lehmpfuhl).

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