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(new: ADV Airport Association Statement)

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) called for an improvement in working conditions amid significant problems at German airports due to the lack of staff. This is one of the reasons for the difficulty that “too many have been sent back,” Scholz said in the Bundestag on Wednesday in view of downsizing the industry during the corona crisis. In addition, working conditions are not so attractive that those employees who were looking for something new return.

Therefore, federal government measures include more than just allowing the industry to import workers from abroad and hire them directly for collective wages. “But it will also be part of creating better working conditions in this area,” said Scholz.

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil has criticized that if wages are not paid in accordance with collective agreements, it should come as no surprise that more people cannot be found to work so hard. At broadcaster RTL / ntv, he complained that many airlines had laid off too many workers during the Corona crisis, including severance pay. “Now we have a salad,” said an SPD politician.

The lack of staff in baggage handling, among other things, caused chaotic conditions with long waiting times at airports during the summer travel season. During the airport corona crisis, airlines and service providers were cutting back on staff and losing professionals looking for other jobs. As a countermeasure, the federal government promised quick regulation so that operators could temporarily hire personnel, especially from Turkey – with specific guidelines to prevent social dumping.

The airport association ADV confirmed that employees will be remunerated in accordance with the relevant collective bargaining terms, and in some cases even outside of them. In the area of ​​aviation safety, wages have doubled in recent years and are well above the statutory minimum wage. Airports and private employers are about to conclude a sectoral collective agreement with trade unions “which will ensure a uniform and fair wage for all wage groups,” said ADV CEO Ralph Beisel.

During the pandemic, most airports concluded an emergency collective agreement to secure jobs, Beisel said. As a result, operational layoffs were ruled out. All airports took advantage of the shortened work as a result of the decline in traffic and sales. Although airports raised the short-term allowance, many workers were looking for jobs outside of aviation. Due to high sales and operating losses, employees in some locations received offers for early retirement and severance pay on a voluntary basis.

The Federal Employment Agency has now given the green light to temporarily recruit 2,000 Turkish airport workers. The special regulation is limited and only applies to employment contracts that expire no later than November 6, as announced by the federal agency. German diplomatic missions in Turkey no longer have to obtain the approval of the Federal Agency for employment at a German airport. The first was reported by “Pionier”.

The recruitment of Turkish airport staff aims to alleviate the staffing problems which have led to numerous delays and complaints from dissatisfied passengers. Only employees who have already worked at the airport in Turkey can be hired. The Association of Employers of Airline Groundhandling Service Providers (ABL) has asked the Federal Agency to allow 2,000 Turkish workers to be used for groundhandling./sam/hoe/cho/DP/stw

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