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The president of ZDH talks about a two-level society in education. This should change quickly, if only to counteract the shortage of skilled workers.


Due to the constantly growing shortage of skilled workers, skilled industries demand equal treatment of professional and academic education in Germany.

According to the idea of ​​the Central Union of German Crafts (ZDH), this should not be symbolic, but mean the financial equality of vocational education with universities. “We have a two-tier society in Germany in terms of education,” criticized ZDH president Hans Peter Wollseifer at the opening of the Munich International Craft Fair on Wednesday in Munich. Wollseifer opted for the “law of equivalence”.

Wollseifer calls for better equipment for vocational schools

In particular, Wollseifer mentioned higher state investment in training centers for craftsmen and better equipment for vocational schools. “In some parts of our country, vocational schools are in a deplorable state,” said Wollseifer. “We have an unlikely need for investment.” Universities are almost 100 percent funded by the state, but training in the professions is largely covered by industry.

ZDH estimates: 250,000 skilled workers are missing

According to the estimates of the ZDH, there are currently 250,000 jobs in German crafts. skilled workers, and the trend is increasing. “The training situation must worry us all,” admitted Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck and assured the industry of his support. The Green politician has made it a priority to reduce the number of school drop-outs: “You shouldn’t lose ten percent of the year.”

Immigration must be organized in a targeted manner and tolerated asylum seekers must be allowed to work after five years. “As a state, we have already invested in these people,” said Habeck. For very pragmatic reasons, it is imperative that they be allowed to work.

CSU chief Markus Söder demanded that attending the master school and studying should be free. (dpa)

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