Sophie Nieder has to do with business

City of Reinbek

Sophie Nieder has to do with business

Sophie Nieder is the new economic officer of the city of Reinbek.

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The 28-year-old becomes the new economic officer of the city of Reinbek. Networking is the basis and the end of her work.

Reinbek. There are 587 companies in the city of Reinbek. “I would like to get to know them all and talk to all entrepreneurs,” says Sophie Nieder, who: Economic Officer city. The 28-year-old wants to meet with it by industry organize. A format that previously existed in Reinbek. Michael’s successor Pohle juggles ten projects simultaneously. It is important to keep an overview. Especially since he is still getting used to it, ”he says. The task is so diverse. He uses every opportunity to do so.

From the planned renovation of the Borsigstraße in the shopping district to the lack of employees, the associated lack of cheap housing or the lack of integration of migrants who would like to work, to the festival of business lights in the center of Reinbek: For the city of entrepreneurs, this is the first contact person at the City Hall.

Special questions, such as setting up an insect hotel, also arise for discussion

But there are also special questions, such as the recent creation of an insect hotel. Reinbek was looking for a public location for this. “I had to find a place open to the public,” says the business promoter. It is an interface to other departments. Sophie Nieder knows who knows the answer or who can advise, whether it’s the building office or the mayor.

Nieder does not immediately pursue the goal of breaking into new territory. A young woman would prefer to know first how everything is going. Also to find out where further development is needed.

Climate protection and the training market have a high priority for companies

In the first six months, she quickly noticed that topics such as climate protection and the training market were now a priority for entrepreneurs. “First, I had to know the local characteristics, actors and everyone’s interactions to see where the potential was for further growth,” says an administration employee.

That is why Sophie Nieder is in constant contact with VSW (Organization of Associations and Services of the Economic Regions of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein), the Trade Association Reinbeker and the Chambers of Commerce and WAS (Association for Business and Development) Stormarn. It conducts regular conferences with all representatives of associations and chambers.

Despite his young age, he has six years of professional experience

After a two-year break, it is currently preparing the twelfth training market. Especially with the shortage of skilled workers, this is a way for companies to get new blood. The stands at the Sachsenwald Forum Reinbek are already occupied. “The answer was huge,” says Sophie Nieder. The shortage of skilled workers is felt everywhere. Companies from industries such as logistics, medicine, banking, insurance, wholesale and retail trade will be represented on September 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. “Covering so many areas is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity,” he says. The proximity to Hamburg makes the location of Reinbek so attractive.

In addition to economic development, Sophie Nieder also coordinates the Central Center, where the threads of the municipal office of Glinde, Reinbek and Wentorf come together. “My job is basically about making contacts and keeping in touch,” she says. So they are asked a lot of questions. It is about construction projects as well as start-ups, the training market, sustainable development or mobility with the question of whether company bikes or e-bikes make sense for employees.

He worked as a student in a consulting company in a real estate company

Despite her young age, Sophie Nieder has already gained six years of professional experience. “As a student, I worked in a consulting firm for a real estate company,” she says. There she stayed to take off in Reinbek.

Sophie Nieder was born in North Rhine-Westphalia. She has a weakness for geography, which is why she completed a master’s degree in urban and regional development management in Berlin and Bochum. The young woman has now been dragged north for personal reasons.

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