St. Georgen: Concerts for pleasure: what attracts music lovers for the 15th summer in a mountain town?

Friends, connoisseurs and connoisseurs of high-quality music should mark the date in red on their calendars. The 15th edition of Mountain Town Summer will be held in St. Georgen on September 3-10. Festival director Karsten Dönneweg has now presented a program that runs in full swing from the first note to the last note.

Mayor Michael Rieger is delighted to see a week-long music festival taking place in this mountain town. This year people would surely have special needs. “People need it, shut down for the evening and enjoy the beautiful music.”

“People need it”

He thanked the festival director for bringing this high-quality music program to St. Georgen for the 15th time this year. “Summer in the mountains does not have to avoid comparisons with events in larger cities,” emphasized Rieger.

Karsten Dönneweg said: “We always feel welcome in St. Georgen “. Musicians travel to the Black Forest specifically for this event:” Professional musicians live in big cities, so they especially enjoy the fresh Black Forest air, “says St. Resident of Georgen, who has had his center of life in Düsseldorf for many years.

The Dönneweg is pleased that sponsors, without whose support such a festival would have been unimaginable, have remained loyal even in the difficult period of the pandemic.

Top-class artists fill the program

Karsten Dönneweg has recruited top-class artists to the program. “The most important event will be the final concert with the Black Forest Chamber Orchestra” – he is delighted, looking to the future until Saturday, September 10th.

  • 3rd of September The opening concert on Saturday, September 3 in Stadthalle will be performed by the David Gazarov Trio and the Dönneweg Quartet. “Jazz meets the classics here, it will be just good music and great entertainment,” promises Karsten Dönneweg.
  • September 4: Also this year, one of the concert venues will be the Buchenberg church. In recent years, the church concert had to be moved to the Lorenzkirche due to the pandemic due to limited space. On Sunday, September 4, the tenor Gregor Jenne will be the focal point of the one-hour chamber concert.
  • September 7: On Wednesday, September 7, a classical music concert will be held at the Festhalle Furtwangen with musicians from the Black Forest Chamber Orchestra.
  • September 8: On Thursday, September 8, a band from the youth music school will perform a concert “Mail for the Tiger” in the town hall for children. Elias Zuckschwerdt, director of the music school for young people, describes the summer in Bergstadt as “a decisive experience and a unique opportunity for music students to experience first-hand how great classical works are performed”.

    In the evening, Tim Ströble, a former resident of St. Georgen. Together with Felix Borel on the violin, Ströble plays pieces by Bach, Tom Jones and AC / DC on the cello, combining seemingly contradictory elements with his own compositions. In addition, the duo provides a unique listening experience by taking advantage of their technical alienation.

  • September 9: The Soul Diamonds concert is already a classic in Bergstadtsommer, which will present the rhythmic sounds of soul, funk and R&B on Friday 9 September at the Technical Museum on Industriestraße.
  • September 10: During the grand final concert, a project orchestra composed of members of the leading German professional orchestras and personally conducted by Karsten Dönneweg will perform Mahler’s Symphony No. 4. According to the organizer, this alone is something special.
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This is how summer ends in a mountain town

Conductor Karsten Dönneweg bids farewell to the enthusiastic audience in the Lorenzkirche with pieces by Mozart and Beethoven.  ...

“As far as I know, no work by Gustav Mahler has ever been done in Bergstadtsommer,” said Dönneweg. As the icing on the cake in this first-class performance in itself, Christina Landshamer, one of the most sought-after concert and opera singers in the world, will play the soprano part of a four-movement piece.

How are artists attracted to a mountain town?

How do you get to St. Georgen a large number of top-notch professional musicians, bands and, together with Christina Landshamer, an internationally successful singer?

“Of course, the Dönneweg family is behind the mountain summer. And with that many friends and friendly relations with musicians and soloists who have a relationship with us, ”reveals the secret of Dönneweg.

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