Stockach: Strengthening the Economy Stockach: The first major project of a new business development program is underway

The local economy is an important factor for the city for many reasons. On the one hand, local businesses fill the city’s cash registers with trade tax revenues, and on the other hand, they provide local jobs. What the Stockach economy has to offer can be experienced again this year at the table fair.

On Sunday, September 18, after a three-year hiatus, companies from the Stockach area will once again have the opportunity to present themselves to the public from 10:30 to 17:00 in Jahnhalle and establish contacts with each other.

The organizers expect 70 exhibitors

About 70 exhibitors were present at the last edition of the table fair in 2018. “This is also the maximum capacity that we can hold in the Jahnhalle,” reports Sebastian Scholze from the Stockach City Finance Administration. We hope to see a similar number of participants this year.

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“To date, 46 companies have already signed up and we would be delighted if more would join,” says business promoter Regina Schlecker. For her, this is the first time that Stockacher Tischmesse can organize. Sebastian Scholze was responsible for the last two editions in 2016 and 2018.

During the ninth edition, visitors to the table trade fair can once again expect a colorful mix of big global players and small craft businesses. However, one thing is the same for everyone: they only have one table available as a presentation area.

Job exchange and the lack of qualified employees

Everything should be accompanied by a support program, which should also cover the outside area around Jahnhalle. “We also want to be particularly interested in families,” explains Schlecker. A lot of people don’t even know what the economic diversity is in Stockach. Such table fairs are a good opportunity to get to know them.

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There will also be a job fair in the Jahnhalle entrance area. This is an important point as the shortage of skilled workers continues to affect many Stockach companies, reports Schlecker, interviewed by SÜDKURIER.

“We also want to create an exhibitor lounge in the Jahnhalle gallery, which offers participating companies a space to connect with each other,” says Sebastian Scholze. Companies that want to present themselves at table fairs can register with the Economic Development Agency until 29 July.

Economic development must be strengthened

Just in time to start preparations for the table fair, the business development department also received a new logo, based on new logos for the departments of the culture office. This should make business development more present in society again after the city first established its own business development office late last year.

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“We also wanted to strengthen the brand of business development with the new logo,” explains Regina Schlecker. Sebastian Scholze adds: “The topic has been pushed to the background in recent years and should now be strengthened again.”

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