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author: Werner Artman

July 6, 2022

Honorary members of the fishing association (details) with president Andreas Schmid (3rd from left) Photo: Werner Artmann

devil’s lightningTeublitz’s largest club, the fishing club, celebrated its 75th anniversary last weekend at the Saltendorf bathing pond for three days.

The highlights were the obligatory beer watering by the patron and mayor Thomas Beer, exuberant evenings with “Heeses”, “D’Secklwetzer” and “Stieflziach-Duo” bands, an afternoon of games for children, a fishing market and “Fishing and Exhibition” Nature “. The jubilee was prepared by the celebration committee chaired by Daniel Drescher for nine months. Attorney and mayor Thomas Beer drank his beer in the presence of the mayor Thomas Ebeling and several city councilors.

Performance by Josef Karl

Chairman Andreas Schmid, who has been in office for two years, was pleased with the presence of Honorary Director Reinhard Steiner and honorary members Adolf Aures, Willie Lautenschlager, Heinz Pirzer, Siegwald Kates, Herbert Gilf and Erich Leitel. Schmid recalled that in 1997 the fishing association celebrated its 50th anniversary. In his words, the decisive factor in 1960-2001 was the board headed by Josef Karl, who led the association for more than 40 years.

In skillful negotiation, Karl organized the purchase of Romansee, an expandable lake, and Meier-Weiher, Fischhofsee, Grünwinkelsee and Kranzlohsee with a total area of ​​50 hectares of water. He is also to be thanked for building the clubhouse in 1990. Reinhard Steiner took over management from 2002 to 2020. During this time, Mühlfeldsee near Klardorf and the fishing rights on Naab became the property of the association.

Premberger See and the estates near the water were taken over by the city, the chairman continued. A boat hangar was built on the clubhouse, and a ventilation system was installed in Saltendorfer Weiher, powered by electricity from two photovoltaic systems in the clubhouse. In Tausenpfundsee, the association installed the Auqmotec system to improve water quality for € 80,000.

contribution to tourism

In addition, the fishing club also contributes to the enrichment of the city’s tourist offer. Many Angel vacationers have been coming to Teublitz for years and staying in guest houses. “The fishing club is therefore an important pillar of the club’s activities in the city,” emphasizes Schmid.

According to him, the Teublitz fishing club currently has 1,315 members, including 92 young people, making it one of the largest clubs in the city triangle. The association is known for the “Fishermen do school” program, attended by 4 classes of the Tricity triangle every year, as well as for its successful work with young people.

The festival director Daniel Drescher also sent greetings to the guests, thanking the association and the festival committee for their support in the preparations for the jubilee. Mayor Thomas Beer explained that the fisheries association can be proud of its achievements and the number of members so far. The waters belonging to the association are carefully cared for and in good hands of the fishermen’s association. The beer thanked the fishermen for their commitment and dedication to nature and the homeland. County Governor Thomas Ebeling also joined the congratulations and was pleased that the fishing club could celebrate a proud anniversary. He thanked everyone who contributed to this ceremony and wished them more joy in fishing.

Children’s games and a fishing market

On the second day, the children and members to be honored were at the center of the jubilee. Mayor Thomas Beer congratulated the honored people who are the pillar of the association. He said they sailed under the flags of a fishing association and helped ensure that the association had been in existence for 75 years and had a successful history. The mayor of Beer wished the fishing club further development and wished the fishermen a lot of fun while practicing his hobby. The third day of the festival brought a morning mug of beer with “Stieflziacha-Duo” and a fishing market.

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