Update for Google Pixel 6 (Pro): Finally, end of bugs?

After weeks of issues and bugs with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google released the January security patch earlier than expected. The OTA update distribution started on Friday and brought some long-awaited fixes for various Pixel 6 bugs. But are the issues really fixed now? What else is new?

  • After the security patch was put aside in December, Google finally fixed software bugs on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.
  • Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro build numbers change to SQ1D.220105.007 and SQ1D.220105.007 respectively.
  • Keep for Me and Call Filter are back in the Phone app – but only in certain regions.

Anyone who owns one of Google’s newest smartphones, like me, has been really lucky these past few days. The reason for this is that Google has finally rolled out software bug fixes for the Pixel 6 series – along with fresh security patches. Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro build numbers change to SQ1D.220 105.007 or. SQ1D.220 105.007.

The OTA update comes with 215MB of clean bug fixes and security improvements. / © NextPit

According to the company, the system update should optimize the biometric sensor and camera. In addition, smartphones finally support 23 watts wireless charging with the Pixel Stand 2 (see our Pixel Stand 2 test report). Google is also fixing issues related to US error 911 (CVE-2021-39659) and is restoring the Hold for Me and Call Filter features in the Phone app in some regions.

After updating my Pixel 6 Pro to the latest version, I unfortunately have to report that there are still problems here and there.

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What has really changed?

In the Pixel Phone Community Hub, we can find the changelogs (in English) for the December 2021 and January 2022 updates. Since Google suspended releasing updates last month, the new OTA update should include all bug fixes and improvements from both months. As you can see in the screenshots above, the size of the update is 215MB. So expect some good improvements in terms of performance and stability.

In addition to the usual security tweaks for Android, my Pixel 6 Pro still has bugs with in-camera image processing and display swipe gestures. Unfortunately, the “Hold for Me” feature is apparently still not available in Germany in the phone’s app settings. If it works, I am waiting for a comment. However, “Call Screen” or “Call Filter” is now available as seen in the two screenshots on the left.

Connection screen with Google Pixel 6 Pro update

Unlike the “Call Screen” option, the “Hold for Me” option does not yet appear in the phone app settings. But at least: With the Pixel 6 Pro, I can now use the volume toggle to adjust the volume while streaming on Chromecast / © NextPit devices

The two screenshots on the right show another innovation: finally, I can use the volume toggle on the Pixel 6 Pro to adjust the volume of streaming apps on the Chromecast like Sky Ticket and Mubi. Oddly enough, it doesn’t work with the YouTube app.

My colleagues from the company have more good news XDA Developers. The patch closes a vulnerability in Android 12 that allows third-party shell-access applications to change the colors and dimensions of certain system components, allowing some system customization without root access or other device modifications – but also poses potential threats.

Over the next few days, I’ll take a closer look at the changes above – and promise to report any bugs and fixes I encounter. So be sure to follow NextPit on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram for more information on the Pixel 6 series update.

Have you already updated your Google Pixel 6 or Google Pixel 6 Pro? What do you think of the update so far? Are you satisfied with your devices? Let me know in the comments!

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