VW internal tariff: IG Metall demands 8 percent more money. Free press

According to IG Metall, 125,000 VW employees should receive significantly more money. This will be negotiated in the fall.

Hanover / Wolfsburg.

According to IG Metall, the approximately 125,000 full-time employees of VW’s West German plant, VW’s finance department and two other small subsidiaries should also receive 8 percent more money.

The demand announced in Hanover on Wednesday is in line with the target wage the union has already formulated for a general wage agreement in the metal and electrical industries. Both rounds are scheduled for autumn. The target period is twelve months. Students should also earn more accordingly.

Extension of partial pension offers

IG Metall boss Jörg Hofmann made it clear that next Monday (July 11) the union boss will also decide to demand 8.0 percent more money. Initially, the committee gave 7 to 8 percent of the discussion for this area. The conclusion must also extend to the coming year, at the end of which consumer prices will be well over 10 percent compared to the current situation, said the head of IG Metall. Wage policy alone cannot compensate for this. But: “8.0 percent of wages, as requested by IG Metall, is an important contribution to taking the strain off workers’ budgets.”

At Volkswagen, the collective bargaining commission also wants to extend the partial pension offers. And if they want, workers must be able to make more frequent use of the option to convert some of the pay raises for time off – this should apply to all union members in the future. In the case of dual students, IG Metall also requires Volkswagen to pay semester fees.

Compensation for loss of purchasing power

“Colleagues at Volkswagen and VW subsidiaries are also facing a significant loss of purchasing power,” explained the district manager Thorsten Gröger. At the same time, the group achieves high profits, and top managers and shareholders earn generously. These demands will be aggressively defended in talks that will start in November at the latest – “with much mobilization if necessary on the street and outside the factory gates.”

The head of the VW works council, Daniela Cavallo, emphasized the meaning of the day-off conversion: “The employer’s side should adapt here.” Until now, for example, workers who have to look after relatives at home have benefited from the regulation.

The company announced that it has taken note of IG Metall’s position. Before the collective bargaining round begins in the fall, however, the union’s demands will not be commented on in detail. (dpa)

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