A day full of music in Flingen – weir

The youth group is 50 and celebrates it with the Bad Sckingen Music School Summer Festival.

It will be a really big break: Tomorrow, on Saturday 9 July, around 250 young musicians will pick up their instruments as the youth band travels to the 50th anniversary celebration in connection with the Bad Sckingen summer music school festival around the school and the school sports hall in flingen ldt. From 10.30am to 9.00pm there will be music in all its aspects all day long.

. Flingen’s 50-year youth team: “Actually, it’s almost been years” you’d think. You’re kidding? You’re so serious. “Our young musicians are extremely lively,” says Ilona Kunzelmann, president of Musikverein. Youth work has been and is very active, also thanks to the excellent and lasting cooperation with the music school “Musk” in Bad Sckingen. So what could be better than a really big celebration together? What appears to be a successful symbiosis for outsiders is the culmination of collaboration for those in charge and is by no means obvious. “We’re really looking forward to the festival with all its variety,” says Musk director Manuel Wagner. The anticipation of the performance by conductor Rolf Gallmann is just as great, because such a multi-dimensional day was only possible with Musk’s support.

It was two active musicians, Hugo Thomann and Josef Thomann, who founded the youth group flingen in the early 1970s. Your intention to promote young people in order to secure the club’s long-term existence was not met with approval. The date of establishment is May 16, 1971, because it was then that the former boy band’s band first performed publicly at the Blossom and Bock Beer Festival. Since 1972, she is officially recognized at the club for her own size. The name “boys band” quickly turned out to be an anachronism as the girls were first enrolled in a student course in 1973/74.

Today the youth team is an integral part of the club life of the Musikverein flingen. It has its own board of directors, helps with events, and introduces youth training to the outside world. It begins with early music education under Patrick Wamer in close collaboration with the school and continues with the training of Musk students. Ten years ago, cooperation in the field of instrumental training was intensified again. Success proves the training concept. The students of the Musikverein flingen have successfully completed the Young Musician Badge over and over again.

After the youth orchestra, the youth ensemble is the second step in a musical career in Flingen Musikverein. Young people aged 11 to 19 play there, where they can further develop their musical skills. From the 40th anniversary of the youth team, which now has 30 members, it has attracted special attention every two years. As part of the “Juka & Friends” action, the program always includes special workshops with other orchestras, which culminate in excellent concert evenings.

On Saturday, July 9, we will celebrate together under the proven slogan “Juka & Friends” with a vibrant program. There will be a lot to offer on the large festival grounds, which includes a school yard, a parking lot next to the school sports hall and a sports ground located there. Throughout the day there are workshops for everyone with teachers, fun competitions, performances by friendly youth bands and music school bands. Particularly noteworthy is the premiere performance of the newly created music school orchestra conducted by Joachim Pflging.

At the end, the hosts announce the nationally known band “Sameday”, which will close the festival from 19:00 with a two-hour concert in the open air. In addition, the pop band has their new single “These are the Days” with them.

The physical well-being of the guests is taken care of, alcoholic drinks are intentionally served only in the form of beer in the evening. Parking spaces are available at Brennet AG and the Kownatzki company. There is a shuttle bus from there.

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