Bishop reports miracles on a 4-year-old girl as an eyewitness

Retired Bishop Jorge Cavazos of San Luis Potosi (Mexico), who was appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of San Juan de los Lagos on June 29, reported what he himself called a miracle “Virgen de San Juan de los Lagos.” (miraculous image of Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos) on a four-year-old girl suffering from an incurable disease.

In a recent interview with Dr. Everardo López Padilla, director of the Historical Archives of the Cathedral of San Juan de los Lagos, which happened on April 7 at the cathedral in the Mexican state of Jalisco during the ceremony of “dressing up” the Virgin. That day he went with the statue of Mary to Abigail Campos, a sick four-year-old girl whom her faithful parents brought to church to ask Our Lady for the grace of healing her.

“This day was special. You came with a lot of trust and dedication. I felt that (the Virgin) was saying to me, “Go there again, stay there again [bei dem Kind]. I felt it as an inner anxiety and it went viral with the movie. “

In fact, in the video taken that day, you can see the Archbishop holding the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos in his arms and walking to a little girl. Her mother placed the girl’s hand on the statue’s mantle, and the child stared intently at her for a moment.

“I just felt the need for her to tell me ‘come back’ and to do it. As if she was praying to God for this girl. It’s nice that she’s doing very well now. “

“It was like her [Maria] He said, “I want to pray here, pray with her.” Glory be to God who gives us this miracle through her, said the Mexican bishop. “This girl’s situation is nothing but a miracle; Abigail went from one state to another without any medical explanation. It means God exists, this is the proof. Let’s not weaken it. ”

Abigail and a miracle

Abigail Campos is four years old and the third of four children of Adriana Marquez and Juan Francisco Campos. In March of this year, she felt depressed, had cramps and was vomiting, so her parents took her from San Juan de los Lagos to the Aguascalientes Hospital, just over an hour’s drive away.

There, he was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis, an inflammatory brain disease for which there was no cure.

The girl was unconscious for 15 days and had to be intubated.

One day, her family and medical staff celebrated her fourth birthday in the hope that she would wake up, but nothing happened.

Abigail underwent intensive treatment and was eventually allowed to leave the hospital, but with a tracheotomy and the need for constant suction to prevent obstruction and complications.

With great trust in the Mother of God, on April 7, Abigail’s parents and the girl went to the Cathedral of San Juan de los Lagos to pray to the Blessed Virgin.

As the Archbishop passed the girl with the statue of Mary, the mother put the girl’s hand over the image. Abigail’s eyes widened and she stared at the statue for a moment.

“We all noticed and felt that there was a magical bond between a girl and the Holy Virgin,” Father explained on TV Primer Impacto.

Father Heriberto García, a cathedral priest, said that “the parents were very moved. It was a very special moment that brought tears to the eyes of all of us who were there because we had seen their faith. “

As they got in the car on the way home, Abigail smiled – something she hadn’t done in 34 days. Two weeks later she was healed.

“We all feel blessed and also obligated. If he … [Gott] she helped us through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, for some reason and for something, ”said Juan Francisco Campos.

The “Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos” is, after the “Virgin of Guadalupe”, the title under which Our Lady is most venerated and invoked in Mexico.

“How nice that God wants to show us His grace with this miracle and encourage us again. As if to start the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the first miracle, which also happened on the girl, ”said Archbishop San Luis. Potosí in the July 5 video.

History says that the first miracle performed by Virgen de Los Lagos took place in 1623. A circus family on their way to Guadalajara stopped in San Juan de los Lagos and put on a show there. In the aviation act, the girl rocked from a trapeze on a mat with daggers. After a while, the child slipped, fell on its daggers, and died immediately. Just before the girl’s funeral, the woman, seeing the great pain of her parents, brought a statue of Mary. She asked those present to trust the Holy Mother and placed the figurine on the girl’s breast, after which she came to life again.

“Because God loves us so much, He has left us this wonderful presence of the Blessed Virgin of San Juan, which we must enjoy with gratitude and joy,” concluded the Mexican Bishop.

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