Blockade in China: Xi’s strategy destroys the economic system

China Understander Column: New Covid Epidemics and Blockades: Xi’s Strategy Destroys China’s Economic System

In China, the impact of Xi’s zero-Covid strategy is becoming more and more evident. New Covid epidemics and ongoing blockades are causing unemployment to rise and the economy to collapse.

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they are still fresh in our memories: closed apartment blocks, sealed doors, people in white suits going door to door doing tests. Now another wave of the crown threatens to paralyze part of the Polish People’s Republic and torpedo the labor-intensive reconstruction of the economy.

In eastern Anhui Province, Si County, 1,000 cases were recorded over the weekend. Si County is approximately five hours’ drive west of Shanghai. If you want to drive from the port metropolis to Anhui, you will have to pass through Jiangsu Province. There, too, the number of cases is slowly but significantly increasing.

China: Corona re-lock after increasing number of cases

Authorities are concerned, on Saturday ordered the closure of 760,000. Si County residents. In Yiwu, south of Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China’s largest exporter of Christmas trees, flights to Beijing were canceled as a precaution after new cases of Covid came to light.

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Alexander Görlach is a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in New York. Linguist and theologian with a PhD, he teaches democratic theory in Germany, Austria and Spain as Honorary Professor at Leuphan University. In the 2017-18 academic year, he was at National Taiwan University and City University Hong Kong to conduct research on China’s development. He is currently researching new technologies at the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute and how they can be used in democracies and abuses in dictatorships.

The names Anhui, Jiangsu and Yiwu mean little to Europeans. However, these cities are crucial to world trade: more than 35 percent of the solar panels used worldwide are manufactured in Jiangsu. Important chip components and solar cells are also manufactured there.

Overall, this region, the Yangtze River Delta, is something like the heart of the Chinese economy that is only slowly recovering from the hardships of the Crown. This is what people are asking, above all, from Xi Jinping’s “zero-Covid” strategy. The Chinese leader recently confirmed that he intends to stick to his policy, which is not without controversy even within the communist party.

Blockades, streets and gated estates

According to it, apartment blocks, streets and districts in the People’s Republic of Poland are closed depending on the number of new cases of corona discharge, residents must be examined daily, and the infected are separated from their families.

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Xi Jinping sticks to these measures because there is currently no effective vaccine against the crown in China. Communist leaders refuse to buy effective vaccines from abroad, starting with rumors that Americans have brought the pandemic to China.

Xi refuses to buy US vaccines

Having to buy American vaccines would mean a serious loss of face for Xi. Officially, the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine is still in the testing phase. Warehouse
On June 27, he published an article according to which the mRNA vaccine may be on the verge of a breakthrough in the Polish People’s Republic.

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It would give a country exhausted by zero-Covid strategy some respite if it managed to deliver on what now looks promising. It is high time, and for another reason too: in June, according to SPIEGEL, 68,500 tons of medical waste was generated in Shanghai alone, thanks to daily testing of hundreds of thousands of people.

20th Party Congress: Xi wants to be proclaimed absolute ruler

None of this is good news for Lord Xi. Youth unemployment stands at 18.4% and the World Bank has revised its own growth forecast for China to 4.4%. due to the pandemic. In the fall of XX. Party congress where Xi would like to be declared the absolute ruler.

Since the devastation Mao wreaked on China, presidents have only been allowed to remain in office for two terms, a maximum of ten years. Xi wants to change that in order to rule China in a totalitarian way, possibly to death. First of all, it will refer to the need to continue the fight against the pandemic.

The Zero Covid strategy is destroying China’s economic system

In any case, the ‘zero Covid’ strategy, as the recent blockades show, is not sustainable for the country and the associated economic and social shocks are exhausting people. Still, no one expects a palace revolution at a party congress, even in the face of mounting discontent in a country that critics on the internet call “West Korea” because of Xi’s political style and conformism.

What You Should Know About China’s Superpower

But it may happen that other offices, such as the prime minister, are entrusted to a person not necessarily close to Xi. In this way, one could signal to the population and to the world that not everyone in China is dancing to the tune of Xi.

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