Börse Express – ROUNDUP / Aktien New York Close: Moderate returns after a few back and forth

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – US stocks closed Wednesday with moderate gains after nervous highs and lows. Dow Jones Industrial found his way back above the 31,000 point mark. The positive dynamics followed a non-directional run with the publication of the US Federal Reserve Protocol. However, as the brokers said, there was nothing new. Because: Due to high inflation, the monetary watchdogs, as expected, have postponed the outlook for further significant interest rate hikes this month. The economic data released in the middle of the week were probably interpreted in different ways.

The Dow closed by 0.23 percent to 31,037.68 points. The day before, the Wall Street index temporarily dropped below 30,400 points and continued the decline from last week. It was only in late trading that he managed to make up for most of his daily losses.

The all-market S&P 500 after a few back and forth, it finally rose 0.36 percent to 3,845.08 points on Wednesday. Nasdaq 100 increased by 0.62 percent to 11,852.59 points. However, it fell by more than four percent last week and was therefore particularly strong.

Disadvantageous, but better than expected data on sentiment in the ISM services sector was interpreted differently by the market. Some pointed out that the June data were weaker than before. From this they hoped that the statements in the minutes might be out of date. Others indicated that sentiment in the services sector deteriorated less than expected. Moreover, ISM services – as well as important ISM for industry – continue to develop. Therefore, there should be almost nothing to prevent further sharp interest rate hikes in July, he said.

Aggressive foot movements are a double-edged sword for investors as they can stop the economy and push it into recession. On the other hand, the central bank feels compelled to take countermeasures against high inflation.

Among the individual actions, the focus was primarily on the technology sector. The day before, the Bloomberg news agency informed, citing insiders, that the US government had banned the export of some systems of the Dutch company ASML to China pushing to produce chips. This applies to so-called DUV systems, which are no longer state-of-the-art, but are used to manufacture many standard electronics for cars, smartphones and robots. ASML newspapers, which on Tuesday lost almost 4 percent. on the Nasdaq, fell another 0.8 percent.

Amazon increased by 0.7 percent on the Nasdaq. In the highly competitive US food delivery industry, the industry giant Just Eat Takeaway Packages and the world’s largest online retailer join forces. American customers of the Amazon Prime payment plan can enjoy a free subscription to Grubhub’s shipping service for one year, with no shipping fees. Amazon also acquired up to 15 percent of Grubhub through options.

A positive study by Bank of America gave the papers Saber
Increase. They increased by 3.5 percent. Travel engineering technology shares have plunged 44 percent in the past three months, but the basics are intact, analysts wrote. As a result, they upgraded the Saber from “Not Enough” to “Buy”.

Euro Falling below $ 1.02 on Wednesday for the first time in 20 years, it traded at $ 1.0185 at the close on Wall Street. The European Central Bank set the reference rate at 1.0177 (Tuesday: 1.0290) dollars. The dollar thus cost 0.9826 (0.9718) euro. US government bonds gave way after a positive start: the T-Note Future lost 0.79 percent to 118.97 points. In return, the yield on ten-year government bonds rose to 2.93% / k / n

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