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by Andreas the Slayer

BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The Bundestag has created the legal basis for accelerated expansion of renewable energy as part of the energy transition. MPs approved several bills from the so-called “Easter package,” announced the Bundestag. The resolutions now have to be approved by the Bundesrat. The draft act on ad hoc measures for the faster development of renewable energy is aimed at adjusting the climate, energy and economic policy to the 1.5 degree path. Accordingly, by 2035 the energy supply should be based almost entirely on renewable energy sources.

“The sheer number and scope of the regulations shows what the current phase is,” Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) told the Bundestag. We live in a time when energy and energy security have become essential to the security of Europe. “It was a big effort and a necessary effort,” he said. Urgently needed changes would be introduced to the regulations and, in terms of industrial policy, it would also become clear what needs to happen in the years to come.

Habeck expressed clear criticism of the previous CDU-led government. “If we had reviewed these packages ten years ago, we would have been in a completely different situation today.” In turn, deputy chairman of the EU parliamentary group Andreas Jung (CDU) criticized the coalition for the fact that the regulations “pass at traffic lights”. “You’re missing an opportunity,” said Jung. The coalition achieves a “class-based renewable energy society”. The government did not react to the opposition’s willingness to talk. The Union does not support the entire package.

In order to achieve the new expansion goals, the entire act on renewable energy sources is to be thoroughly revised. The expansion paths and tender volumes for individual technologies are to be significantly increased: for onshore wind energy to 10 gigawatts (GW) per year, so that by 2030 about 115 GW of wind capacity will be installed in Germany, and up to 22 GW per year for solar energy, thanks to which in 2030 about 215 GW of photovoltaic capacity will be installed in Germany. In addition, the targets for offshore wind expansion are to be significantly increased to at least 30 GW by 2030, at least 40 GW by 2035 and at least 70 GW by 2045.

2 percent of the federal area for onshore wind energy

Due to the long planning and approval periods for offshore wind turbines and offshore lines, the federal government wants to move quickly. To achieve the goals, flanking actions should remove the main obstacles to the expansion of onshore wind energy and thus significantly accelerate it. For example, 2% of the federal area must be devoted to onshore wind energy. This would require more than doubling the currently designated area. According to the Bundestag, only about 0.8 percent. of the federal area is currently dedicated to onshore wind energy, so only 0.5 percent is actually available.

Binding area targets, the so-called value of area contributions. According to the act, the general target of 2% the federal area is to be appropriately and transparently distributed among the federal states by means of a distribution key, taking into account the existing area potential for the development of onshore wind energy in the federal state. federal states. Moreover, according to the decision, renewable energy should be of overriding public interest and therefore have priority in the approval process.

The Federal Nature Conservation Act will also be amended so that in the search for land for the expansion of wind energy, landscape protection areas can also be included to a reasonable extent. In order to simplify and speed up the approval procedures of onshore wind turbines, it is planned to carry out uniform national standards for the assessment of species protection in this context and additional simplifications related to species protection in the case of overloading of onshore wind turbines.

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July 7, 2022 5:41 AM ET (09:41 GMT)

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