Choose the most beautiful green oases of Brunswick now!

Summer is in full swing, many people are enjoying their time at home balconywith them terrace or in Garden – and we have created such a beautiful environment there that it enchants, or at least makes you want to imitate one idea or another.

This review with the top five entries from the jury preselection BBG balcony competition in three categories flowers, happiness bee and Outdoor lounge shows how much love the people of Braunschweig put into spending time outdoors, as well as how different approaches and ideas are.

Five entries from each category are displayed

A striking number of participants this time entered the open-air lounge category, but balconies are also becoming more and more colorful every year, which for insect paradises of course it does anyway.

Shows five entries from each category. The readers of our newspaper now determine the winner and the place from among these candidates. You can click on your favorites in this article.

this winner the appropriate category and Second and third place winners will be held during the exclusive Braunschweiger Baugenossenschaft (BBG) concert evening in Voltaire’s garden of applause chosen. You will receive nursery vouchers Moller flowers as well as from Anna’s garden. The top 5 broadcasters in each category will also receive meal tickets for the event. 80 participants with top-rated balconies, terraces and gardens were invited to the concert evening. The soul and funk band will perform after the awards ceremony G-Fonics feat. Sascha Munnich on.

Category 1 of the BBG Balcony Competition: Outdoor living room

Outdoor lounge 1: Terrace overlooking the sea – a sea of ​​flowers. The cat can enjoy it as much as the inhabitants – together with the guests in this cozy open-air oasis with lanterns and enough places for everyone who does not call such a beautiful view their own. Anyway, you can forget about everyday life here …

Outdoor lounge 2: Such a terrace on vacation would be a real problem if you had to water all the plants every day. But those who live here and have consciously chosen a green and colorful atmosphere will be rewarded when they pick up each filled watering can and feel like in the most beautiful holiday destination in the world with an outdoor summer breakfast or a glass of wine in the evening. Two chairs, a table and an umbrella are enough – where could it be nicer than in summer Brunswick over the roofs of the city?

Outdoor lounge 3: You feel almost like in a conservatory, only this balcony has no glazing at all. The armchair and sofa have removable upholstery that can be simply tucked away in bad weather, but the sun comes after every rain. And then, thanks to a few additional accessories, the balcony quickly becomes a wonderful outdoor living room. The leaves and flowers also provide natural protection from prying eyes.

Outdoor lounge 4: Beach bar right in front of the apartment – a tempting atmosphere for hot and sunny days of the year. From a paper umbrella to pineapple, from a bamboo roof to a round seat cushion, here a beach holiday is possible all summer long, even without the sea. Just: who likes the drinks here when the sender is really on vacation?

Outdoor lounge 5: Even a narrow balcony offers solutions that will make you feel comfortable, not that you are particularly cozy! Seat cushions, pillows and a blanket in matching the wall of the house and balcony, as well as the warm wood tones of the sofa palette and the space-saving table without legs, matching the clinker corner in the background, together with the candles create an environment for dreams and feasting. And if – like here – two delicious cocktails are ready …

Category 2 of the BBG balcony competition: flowers

Flower Glamor 1: Surrounded by plants, it can be tolerated even when the sun is shining brightly on the balcony. The microclimate works and refreshes the owner of the balcony when everyone around him is sweating and frying. But this amount of greenery in a small space also comes at a price: you have to pick it and water it every day, and you should not forget to fertilize it. But if you unfold your balcony this way, you will definitely have fun with it.

Flower Glamor 2: Classic balcony boxes do not suit every railing, and sometimes they are simply not desirable. Here, a terraced wall of clay pots and other utensils was laid, which they planted with a variety of plants of various sizes. Some unusual devices also serve as herb and flower stands.

Flower Glamor 3: White on green – or green on white, with a few shades of brown, anthracite and beige, make this balcony unique, stylish, and therefore particularly attractive. This view is equivalent to the much more common colorful flowering balconies that some gardeners call “children’s birthday parties.” Here, however, several similar colors, mainly the white flowers of different plants, exude a special magic.

Flower Glamor 4: A classic in red and white, the urban colors of Brunswick, adorned with a few green hanging plants – this combination is still appreciated by many Braunschweig residents. In order to achieve this effect, which attracts the attention of passersby, daily care is required so that the flowering web shines. There are no decorations to distract from what is important, and the splendor of the flowers also raises the railing so that the balcony owner behind it can do whatever they want without being watched.

Flower Glamor 5: A completely different view of the lushly planted balcony with boxes surrounding it on three sides and extra pots on the floor. You can’t even see who is sitting on the two armchairs from the street – only from that window above the balcony and from the birds in the air that experience has shown that they don’t care that balcony owners are sunbathing, reading or dining.

Category 3 of the BBG balcony contest: happy bees

Lucky Bee 1: You can make it easier for yourself and plant a lawn all over your garden. Then get a robotic lawnmower that does not mow the lawn but keeps it short, which robot owners say matters. Here the lawn just marks the way – between luxuriantly flowering perennials, grass and trees. The lawn mower is not worthwhile in the garden, but all kinds of insects are definitely worth visiting.

Happiness of the bees 2: Variety at different altitudes – This is what bees and companies like, but birds should also look forward to ripening sunflower seeds. An aviary is visible in the background, and the wooden, weather-damaged rim of the bed in the foreground also provides shelter, food or nesting material for some animals.

Lucky Bee 3: A look from below at the blue sky above this garden shows various food containers for all kinds of bees, beetles and more in an environment that is certainly even richer. What this photo does not and cannot show is the buzzing and buzzing of bumblebees and other insects, which was certainly also present at the time the photo was taken – and which you just have to think about when looking at the view. It does not require much effort.

Lucky Bee 4: Insects will not be disturbed by the sculpture of the bathers on the left side of the painting, rather it should have some attraction for winged animals as a landing site. The art found in this garden pleases the human eye, while animal visitors prefer a mix of plants and moist, hidden places where they can escape the scorching sun for a while and take a cool sip.

Lucky Bee 5: This garden, some with rare plants that cannot be found in every other bed, is in stark contrast to a gravel garden with its own morbid charm. On a small piece of land in front of the house, so much grows here that something new gradually blooms that the insects are pampered. The aviary provides spring nesting and shelter in hot summer and cold winter, with a wooden box for insects. A paradise for wild bees and company – and it looks nice and a little wild.

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