“Climate-friendly actions require innovation and initiative”

Christoph Jäckle is Managing Director of the packaging company Euroglas. (Photo: Euroglas)

How can climate targets be achieved and what can manufacturing companies contribute to? Experts from the world of science, research and industry will address these questions on October 11 and 12, 2022 at the CO conference2-neutral factory in Augsburg. Christopher Jäckle, managing director of Euroglas Verpackungsgesellschaft, will make a presentation at the conference. Its topic: How to meet customer sustainability requirements in the packaging industry through digital services.

Here he explains what his company is doing to reduce CO emissions2– Reduction of the footprint.

Why do you think reducing CO2 emissions is such an urgent industrial task?

Christoph Jackle: As glass is an energy and resource consuming material, it produces, processes and transports CO2emissions and negative impacts on the climate and the environment, we must take responsibility and proactively move towards a climate-friendly and trend-setting future. The world community agreed that global warming should be limited to less than two degrees Celsius – better still 1.5 degrees – to prevent catastrophic consequences.

However, current declarations by individual countries are only sufficient to limit warming to a maximum of four degrees. Closing this ambition gap requires additional and significant commitment from businesses and citizens. We recognized that as part of the problem we must also be part of the solution. Voluntary emission reductions and offsetting unavoidable emissions are essential to be able to successfully combat climate change.

What measures have you already initiated or implemented in your company to reduce CO2-Reduce your footprint?

Jackle: Euroglas starts in the immediate area of ​​activity: in its own company and in internal processes. Our company building generates a large part of the electricity itself, and thanks to the latest construction technology, we reduce energy consumption to a minimum and focus on digitization. In addition, our company is climate neutral with the help of the sustainability company Focus Future from 2020. By purchasing 120 certificates of compensation, we saved 15 tons of CO2 per employee, which includes not only business but also personal issues.

In 2017, we launched the “little half”, a 0.33 liter container which, thanks to extensive material testing, was able to achieve a weight reduction of almost 25 percent. We also reduce energy consumption and save resources by using clever logistic concepts to shorten transport routes, connect routes and give priority to regional partners.

In addition, from July 2022, we offer our customers in the food segment the new Ecolution series, a further climate-neutral development and reducing costs and weight compared to conventional standard oil bottles, which are almost 40 percent lighter and therefore cheaper. and at the same time supports global climate protection. As an additional service, we now offer our customers climate-neutral glass packaging. Here, Euroglas customers have the opportunity to reduce CO caused and unavoidable2– To offset the emissions arising from the production and transport of your glass products through so-called compensation certificates and thus global CO2– Sustainable reduction of emissions.

In addition, Euroglas clients support international and regional climate protection projects that serve the current global goals of the United Nations of promoting lasting peace and prosperity and protecting our planet.

What is your “green vision” for your company and how will you achieve it?

Jackle: Reach your climate goals, leave a small ecological footprint and live up to our responsibility to future generations: Sustainable, Right, Climate Friendly Action requires innovation and initiative. Our goal is to take full advantage of the huge sustainability potential of glass packaging by actively promoting reusable concepts, weight optimization, innovative strategies and process optimization.

Together with our customers, we want to compensate for 100 percent of the unavoidable emissions that remain – this is our vision for the packaging of tomorrow: healthy, practical, 100 percent recyclable and climate-friendly.

(Edited by Anja Ringel.)

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