Duchess Catherine: Wimbledon with Papa Michael won’t let her go

News about the British royal family in the GALA ticker: Princess Catherine remembers the embarrassing event with Papa Michael +++ Princess Camilla reveals a “dark” secret from her past +++ Princess Beatrice was spotted at the “Rolling Stones” concert.

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July 6, 2022

Duchess Catherine: Wimbledon with Papa Michael won’t let her go

The 40-year-old Princess Catherine and her family are enthusiastic spectators of the Wimbledon tennis tournament every year. It is not uncommon for Prince William’s 40-year-old wife to have all the Middletons behind her. Someday, however, she would probably gladly give up the company of her father, 73-year-old Michael Middleton. The entrepreneur made an embarrassing mistake, as revealed by the Duchess in a 2017 BBC documentary titled Our Wimbledon.

Together, the two had just come out of the VIP stands as they passed ex-British player number 1. “My dad will not appreciate it, but we passed Tim Henman and we just had [Pete] To see the Sampras play, ‘Kate recalls, amused in front of the camera. And then hopefully Papa covered his ears while watching the documentary. “My father said very coolly: ‘Hello Pete’,” the royal cheers with a smile. But then she would rather have collapsed underground, as she admits: “I was ashamed!” Hopefully for the sake of his daughter, Michael will avoid a similar faux pas at the next opportunity.

Duchess Camilla reveals a “gloomy” memory

The 74-year-old Princess Camilla takes royal fans on a journey back to childhood. Prince Charles’s 73-year-old wife was surrounded by cameras for an ITV documentary about her life in recent weeks. According to the Daily Mail, a journey into the past took the royals and their 73-year-old sister Annabell Elliot to Hall Place, her grandparents’ Hampshire estate. Together they remember their childhood on the estate. “I could navigate here with my eyes closed!” Says Queen Elizabeth’s 96-year-old daughter-in-law. Reflecting on happy times, the siblings talk about rolling down the hills, catching butterflies, and dressing up like their strict grandmother or what furniture their homes now have.

But a “dark” secret is also revealed. Annabel reveals that her beloved teddy bear was once buried by her sister in the garden. “Yes, Tiddy Bar – he had a very fortunate place to hang out,” smiles Camilla. Only several decades later, the younger ones learned about the whereabouts of their beloved soft toy – a wound that will probably never heal. “I didn’t forgive her – it still hurts!” Annabel laments with a wink. Thanks to such anecdotes, not only fans of the royal family will get to know the 74-year-old from a different angle, but also her own husband.

July 5, 2022

Princess Beatrice and husband Edoardo have fun at the Rolling Stones concert

Princess Beatrice, 33, seems to be in the mood for the concert. While she was spotted at the Glastonbury festival a week ago, she was rocking her husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, 38, at London’s Hyde Park for the Rolling Stones on July 3 – and quite stylishly.

In photos available in the British Daily Mirror, Queen Elizabeth’s 96-year-old granddaughter shines in a bright orange satin skirt. In addition, Beatrice combines a plain white shirt, a casual denim jacket, sneakers and an enchanting basket bag. Edoardo opted for an outfit that was no less casual and chic, consisting of a denim jacket, a collarless shirt, jeans and sneakers. The couple seemed very lively during their childless evening – little Sienna Elizabeth stayed at home for 9 months and laughed a lot. This is one of the few public moments of a love duo that got married two years ago in a very private setting.

Queen Elizabeth on her way to the Sandringham Stables

96-year-old Queen Elizabeth is currently enjoying a royal break at her Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Residents couldn’t believe their eyes as the Monarch passed by on Monday morning, July 4, 2022, in the Range Rover passenger seat. She was led to the horses by her race director, John Warren, and not only did she look happy and relaxed, but also seemed to make her companion laugh with her famous dry sense of humor.

At the five-bedroom farm where Prince Philip, 99, also lived after his retirement, the 96-year-old is recovering from an arduous trip to Edinburgh where she attended three public meetings for Holyrood Week. According to media reports, she traveled to Norfolk last weekend to have some personal time there.

July 4, 2022

Mike Tindall: He’s following in the Queen’s footsteps with his latest design

Mike Tindall, 43, has already given up his professional rugby career. Zara Tindall’s husband, 41, is now a successful podcaster – and, as the former athlete revealed, he also co-founded the gin brand. Together with his friends and podcasting colleagues James Haskell and Alex Payne, Mike Tindall launched the “Blackeye” gin.

The project that opened the door to the 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth. Monarcha is an avowed gin lover and produces and sells her own juniper schnapps. Buckingham Palace Store offers Queen Gin, made from 12 botanicals grown in the palace gardens. Cost factor: 40 euros. Mike Tindall has clearly figured out the Queen’s price segment. The father of three genie is also available for 40 euros. Fans can buy a signature bottle for 60 euros.

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Princess Catherine missed Andy Murray’s victory at Wimbledon

Princess Catherine, 40, regularly plays at Wimbledon as the patron saint of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, but missed the championship one year – she lost Andy Murray’s first Wimbledon title, 35.

In 2013, Kate was dying to be at Wimbledon to cheer on the British tennis player in the final, but despite the pleas and pleas, the Duchess had to stay home. The reason: “I was pregnant with George, so I couldn’t come,” Kate said in a 2017 BBC documentary, “Our Wimbledon,” to sports presenter Sue Barker. She replied, “But you had a great excuse!” But Prince William’s 40-year-old wife wanted to be there at all costs. “I know, but still,” Kate said. “I thought,” Maybe I could go, “but the doctors said,” no. ” Later I texted Andy Murray saying sorry I couldn’t be there but congratulations [gewünscht]the Duchess of Cambridge revealed.

Fortunately, Kate was able to be there three years later when Andy Murray won his second Wimbledon title.

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